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Ragnarok 31 (2016) Pre-Reg List

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A bunch of us go to Ragnarok every year. We charge $300 a head as a camp fee, which covers your Rag site fee ($70, fuck!) plus dinner and booze for the week, and possibly snacks, and our trailer, and a bunch of other shit that are necessary to run a camp with three dozen nerds in it.


In this thread I'm going to track who's paid me their pre-reg already.


1. Primarch Ser Dust & Bones (Dan M)

2. Ghoul Boggs (Wade K)

3. Skeleton Gratus (John X) Weds+

4. Zombie Sharkbait (Julia H)

5. Dead Centurion Asscrack (Scott T)

6. Zombie Boots (Kat C)

7. Dead Centurion Scorn the Space Pope (Jimmy V)

8. Skeleton Krod (Alex V)

9. Wight Reaper (Dave M)

10. Primarch Ser Hivemind Saligia (Dave H)

11. Lady Huntress Saligia (Diana H) Weds+

12. Ember (Julie B ) -Tues

13. Wight Marrow (Richard B ) -Tues

14. Lady Luna (Rachel G)

15. Wight Arkadis (Leon A)

16. Grimhilde (Joanna W)

17. Dead Centurion Kaisharga (Jim R)

18. Dead Centurion Ser Malevolence (Zach W)

19. Skeleton Raynor (Adam D)

20. Gwendalin (Jennifer C)

21. Wight Ser Dirge (AJ D)

22. Lady Morticia (Kelly D)

23. Zombie Marcos (Ian C)

24. Wight Monkey (Brett M)

25. Zombie Cake (Taylor L)

26. Pox (Kerrie L) -Saturday

27. Skeleton Deathwish (Amanda D)

28. Lady Skelly (Hannah W) Weds+

29. Ghoul Ser Janwin (Jon P)

30. Wight Ser Ten Feets (Jordan B )

31. Lady Taranis (Samantha S)

32. Poppet Bellend Thatcher IV (Maggie B )

33. Heathen (Lauren M)

34. Skeleton Castiel (Adam P ) Weds+

35. Zombie Blockade (Chris B )

36. Ghoul Minion (Brandon R) Weds+

37. Ghoul Morrigan (Denise B )

38. Ghoul Disquiet (Phil B )

39. Ghoul Hellbjorn (Rich H) Fri+

40. Succubi Vex (Courtinie F)

41. Wight Rancid (Pat L) Weds+

42. Zombie Caius (Rob S) Weds+

43. Skeleton Walach (Anthony P )

44. Zombie Spooky (Kyle E Coyote)

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