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Best of April 2016

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- first shift with the Guardians was amazing, the group is really starting to bond

- meeting an unhappy fire archon and forgetting they can see thru yer dissipate, oops

- wings and pizza! i dont care if its poisoned!

- having an orgy in the temple with my swingin fiancee, Ingrid, with nick's npc and a possible succubus, phew dodged a bullet there

- next morning going out on a bag of tricks and the first group we encountered was MY pc group, aw shit - i should probably go garb up

- inducting new members into our group felt great!



- the great honor of being apart of the monty python storyline was the bee's knees, baby, i cant express how great this was, and thank you Gost for playing along with! (also Braves vs the frenchmen)

- assassinating Titus and then running for my life, finally, we took out a noble, mwah haha

- super epic last battle at the graveyard, little ol' me got to be a frickin Balor! wow, so much fun

- the hilarious disorganization of the healing of the mass bodies of the post-mindlfair-battle

"heal them" "No, dont heal them!" "who is waking them up?" -spellburst dispel x4

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Fiends that wanted queen buzzer honey, bagart games and evil spirits...

Saturday morning orcs is always fun when you are the orcs

The Great Marcario!!! Selling his ring of invisiblity *Cough* Bracelet that will make you the strongest you have ever felt *Cough cough* and other things!!!



Man creates ghost, ghost wants man beaten up, man gets challenged to a duel and beaten up.

Accomplished my first long term character goal,

RP with the young wild runner ghost. When every character involved is fighting against you and you still manage to pull something out of your ass.

"I swear on my dead brother's spirit."

Prepping plans to return to Waypoint

When Baldiserie and Marcus argued with the bandits to return home. Fighting seemed inevitable, the bandit leader was reaching into his satchel for magical components. Staring the man down and coldly telling him "Don't throw your lives away."

So what do they do? They set up a toll closer to the lake. Time to be murder hobos


We want to revive a werewolf to question it... Even my character noped that and I tend to roll with the bad ideas.

Talking to Titus in more detail about compulsion. It was very enlightening.



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- Being a friendly female Waspoid who just wanted to find a way to lay her eggs and raise her children without hurting anyone. The Guardians of the Well were super nice and took me all over to try and find a solution for me, Draug was very helpful and friendly as well.... then Ith told me to go wait in the forest for him to come and bring a solution. Sad Waspoid named Yaz was sad. But Michael Mordison promised to visit and off she went!

- NPCing that plot for 2 HOURS!??! Holy crap.

-Rival Bards, Julia out-sang the other two bards and they left the Inn. Chris mudered Julia to win a handshaking contest, wraiths killed us multiple times, ate lots of butter and cheese, made my own sammiches after not trusting Chris anymore. Sketchy Inn is Sketchy

- Julia teaching me how to drum. Doom doom tekatek doom tek! Doom doom tekateka tekatek tekatek doom doom tek!

- Lynch mob farmers with Guile, but our drake hid so well we couldn't find him! Welp, we told him to survive!

- Getting to be a Bulgura again and being so proud that I could make those gurgling/buzzing sounds Adam DelCano made last time we played them. Got my leg chopped off and still kept fighting with Ryan and Amy at my back. Good times.

- Chris telling me to go do something musical and me running back to my cabin to grab my penny whistle and some garb to NPC in. Spent a chunk of the night circling Pinedale as Naliyah the elf who can't speak anything but broken elvish and has never been in society before, playing songs on my Pennywhistle. Valora and Baevynn noping away from me when they found me creeping under their porch. ".... nope, let's find someone who speaks Elvish!" Then being found by all the elves in Pinedale lead by Nalawen and brought into the Inn. Thank you to everyone who tolerated my character poking their faces and armor like a child and not turbo-murdering her! (Danyo, Titus, Marcus, Arbor, etc). I want to bring her in again and develop her more, that was so much fun!

- Laura when I went up to her and asked her to make it look like I've been living in the woods my whole life and never took a bath. My makeup was so spot on everyone kept asking me if I needed to be healed... or if I was diseased xD

- Primal-off with Jaroth during the mind flayer fight. SPECIFICALLY chose to be able to cast primal form because I knew he'd be there.

Marcus comes up to me, "First aid?"

Me: "There is a giant gaping fiery hole in my belly. Very dead."


- The mass confusion of what to do with the bodies after we were all dead. "Why did you killing blow them?!" "SPELLBURST! ... SHIT, IT DIDN'T HIT ANYONE!" "Why are you waking them up!?!? Kill them and put them back!!!"

- Alex's shrine to protect the mind flayer, and his character vomiting when he realized he used the power of the sept to protect that monster. Bwahahahahha





- Accidentally almost marrying Camila to a werewolf, who thought it was a good idea to tell her that she had lycanthropy AFTER they got married. "How did you NOT notice I was a werewolf? You stroked my fur every night!" Lori: ".... okay, your mom was right. You're dumb."

- Krod's new shrine that creates a sanctuary bubble in front of the temple. FU monsters!



- When Geoffredo needed to step out of the temple a bunch of farmers asked to hear about the Sept and Krod gave his first sermon. Ryan gave Krod a HANDFUL of silvers! I was very proud, I thought Alex did a great job

- Finding out later those same farmers were killed by darkness worshippers and thrown in the lake -_______-;;;; Goddamnit GMs....

- Cass and Lori talking about not fitting in in Vlean and Cass winning every time. "You think YOU didn't fit in there!?"

- Geoffredo's new face. God I love his new face

- Phil's face when Illivandros saw ELVEN slaves. "AINT NO SUCH THING AS LEGAL ELVEN SLAVES!!!" *cocks his crossbow and murders the shit out of that slaver* I've never seen Phil lose his shit in character before and it was beautiful

- Jaroth down by the inn: "I HAVE A BOX AND I'M GONNA OPEN IT!"

Krod: "It's a bomb."

Titus: "No it's not, the box would have to be huge!"


Krod: "Let's sing the Krod was right song!"

- Meeting MK's new PC. Super fun talking to her about Eliana with Cass, and then she helped us with a ritual later. Also totally convinced me I need a spear. Yup. Gonna do it.

- Seeing Eliana's will posted at the Owl and Ore. SADNESS. DAMNIT IT'S BEEN FOUR MONTHS AND I'M STILL CRYING.

- The two NPCs that came to the temple asking for fighting lessons and Lori watching them learn to fight with Richard and Vincent. She flashed back to her first day in Pinedale and had a moment of "Shit.... I've come really far, haven't I?" Also from an OOC perspective. My garb and weapons are much better now too, it's amazing what a year and a half will do to you in Pinedale.


I loved this event and I missed everyone. Can't wait for May (NO MORE SNOWVITAS I CAN'T EVEN)

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I want to say thanks, everyone - this was the most fun I've had in a few years! It was great to run plots all day with Ann, and I always love April Fools shenanigans.


The Monty Python plots went better than I could have hoped, from coconut monologues inspired by the Order of the Horse to the whole series we did for GOST! I laughed more than I should have as a hook. (Dave M was an awesome Black Knight, Dan Y was great as the lead Knight of Ni, Richard made a funny shrubber and Tim the Enchanter, and Ann was a ferocious bunny!)


I am so glad the "time-traveler needs help to save the future" plot went off and got buy-in from the whole town. I've been wanting to do a time travel plot for years, and it was great to see the town band together to protect the dingus and save the future. Great job everyone! Thanks for going along with us on this one! It started as a silly Terminator adaptation/rip-off, but we played it straight and I am happy with the good feedback we've received!


I was impressed all weekend with the positive attitudes, energy output, and good role-play. Also, so glad the snow held off until the end, and added atmosphere to the final battle.

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-Trying to figure what the hell I was doing while not breaking character

-Finally getting caught and knocked down with blunt strikes after being feared and running for like four minutes, dying, being revived, then running even more. Let me tell you, I am not athletic and I was thrilled to get my feet knocked out from under me, hahaha.

-Realizing that Riker and Nichlaud (may have the spelling wrong, sorry!) were dead on the ground and getting a healer to save them. I thought they were goners for sure.


-We were up against these cultists of Nox (I think?? Still new and clueless, here) and I shot and missed. I felt like such an ass for missing a guy who didn't even try to dodge the arrow, and felt crappy right up until I felled him with another arrow a few minutes later when the battle really began! It was awesome.



-Saturday morning orcs was SO FRICKIN FUN

-The sheer number and variety of NPC masks and costumes and makeup

-Being the most awkward "dancers" in Pinedale

-edit: I forgot to include being a Lizard Wizard because that was also super fun even though I died pretty much as soon as I cast Devastation

-edit: And being a lost Piscean who wanted water and friendship

-Thinking that I was an utter failure at NPCing and then getting a gentle correction from one of the more experienced players, without which I may have quit before ever getting a chance to be a PC. Sincere and eternal gratitude to you, friend. You know who you are.




-All the support and assistance I received from the more experienced players when I wasn't sure of the rules of combat and looting. Thanks for your understanding, you guys!

-Finding incredible new friends whose real names I didn't even find out until after having "known" them for like a day and just feeling like I was so welcome and in a great place. This is really sappy, but this game...I came into it at a really tough time in my life, and it was... I think it was just what I needed. Thank you to everyone who made me feel like I belonged. Thank you to everyone who gave me hope.

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Zara, it's the best community I've ever been a part of. Welcome to it.


Also, Betsy.

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Hanging out with dWinn--MK I missed the RPs! Looking forward to more!

Getting the lay of the land from Beryl on merchanting in Pinedale.


doing psych first-aid in Pinedale was handy! Not all healing is magical.

Getting to do interesting healing rituals

Selling the "Insults of Novitas" chapbook and hearing the guffaws--worth all the effort

Sorien buying most of the Reaver's stuff---at least the best stuff!



The old Septon with the Silver sword--larp duels are so rarely cinematic, and that was a great bout--but the RP of it was even better.


Miria, Ferrazano, and the Thief-of-Memory--that was an amazing scene! It was this neat crossroads moment, and I'm REALLY excited to see what Miria becomes! My money's on a ass-kicking knight, but we'll see.


GOST, thanks for being the best godsdamned improv artists and saying "Yes, and" during silly plots. Not a frown to be seen for miles!


The sad elven ghost with Drea "He's a jerk! Trip him!" That flowed so sadly,though.


And, to everyone who helped out sunday morning and hefted totes IN THE KNEEDEEP SNOWVITAS, thank you, you are awesome, and I am lucky to help next to you.


Make something awesome for next game!

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-Seeing people's eye light up after having my snacks, cooked and uncooked alike.

-Yelling "Fresh meat on a stick 5 coin," 3 seconds after a fight happened right in front of my stand, and having someone put coins straight from a monsters pocket into mine.

-Talking to the voices in my head(in character), and brushing it off as normal when anyone inquired

-Finding a magic ring stomped flat into the dirt that cleaned up nicely!

-Watching Phil dismember several groups of would be assassins


-2016 Hide and Seek Champion, stood next to a tree wearing a full Drake mask 5 feet from 3 PCs who didnt see me, followed the 5 4 npcs and 8ish pcs from 20 feet behind scooby doo prancing as hard as possible, to never be noticed.

-Being ordered by a necormancer to go to town, miss the fight, come back to the field as the victorious adventurers were looting and healing, and stabbing them in the back!

-"What, we have a Septon Inn keep now?",-instert adventurer- "No, I just PRAISE THE SEPT!," me as 4h shift Inn keep "I Like that guy," Balthasareee

-Trying to eat Harpy eggs

-Making Beryl really nervous because as an NPC Key seeker, I kept offering more and more for keys at any price... BUt Artmeis refused to sell :'(

-Cooking appx 20 lbs of chicken and feeding pinedale.

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Watching a pair of sketchy people drop a blood stained box off in the in who tell me that they were paid to drop it off by "some guy". Spend the next few minutes with Jaroth and someone else in the inn trying not to engage the box...and then failing because I wanted to see what was in in. Then getting to see Jaroth blown up by the pipe bomb. Good times.


"As long as we're both awkward about this together."


Assassins! Mafia notes delivered via courier! This is going to get ugly. Thankfully I've enlisted help.


Settling up with Oz IC about how we're going to handle that we're both pretty big on production and craft skills. Setting spheres of influence and the like between him and I and coming to a mutually agreeable solution with some light, acceptable overlap where town survival is concerned.


"Oz, where did you get that sword from? I know that sword. I -made- that sword."


Standing there after a long day of getting beat up and killed in my own house, watching Jaroth get blown up, then getting a little tap on the shoulder about some slaves. Elven slaves. Oh hell no.


Letting the new archer in town fire my crossbow. Sometimes it's those little moments.


Overall I just loved getting to be about town and interacting with everyone, both business related and not.




Mycanoids needing help for the Spring Planting!


Scarecrows after McFathom. After several goofs we finally manage to track him down and stalk him, only to end up standing around him and stabbing/chopping/cutting his downed body while his friends got help, and then the help tried to figure out why the wraiths didn't act like wraiths.


"Mortals of Pinedale! What would you do with this Brownie?"


Tree puns, all of the tree puns. The look on Amanda's face and Vanya Dissipating only encouraged us.

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I'm with Julie on this. This event was hands down the most fun for me that I've had in years! But the highlights for me...


- Exploring the relationship between Dwyn and Reaver, their differences in background and philosophy was awesome. There was a very easy give and take especially regarding their different healing techniques and getting to RP them working together while forging a new relationship with the temple-goers (by attempting to remove a curse from Odric via powerful resto ritual) was a fantastic way to give life to the groundwork Richard and I had discussed about our PCs before bringing them in to game.


- Finding things developing organically in the RP of my new PC was extremely rewarding - attraction to McFathom, coolness and confusion concerning the numerous elves in town, reversion to "Mistress" and "Master" titles when speaking with her new employers at the Owl and Ore - I had much difficulty finding these sorts of small RP moments with my last PC. Finding them coming naturally and with ease in my new one is just... Fuck, I'm so damn tickled!


- Helping settle a debate between a light and dark Fae regarding what the "purpose" of a Brownie should be earned me a favor in the future from each. I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. sad.gif


- Hearing a bit about Eliana in character. I didn't realize when I casually asked Lori and Cass if they had a teacher that I was touching on a raw nerve. They got so very sad immediately and shared a bit of her story with me. I learned more later from Odric and Geoffredo. I think the impact of her death will be felt for a very long time and am impressed with the way it's snowballing into motivation for other PCs. That is the very best kind of story, the one that spurs on the story of others. Great job to everyone involved!


- So guys, two things changed LARP forever for me this weekend. The first - PANTS. Never worn 'em at LARP before. THEY CHANGE EVERYTHING. The second - grilled cheese with pickles. There are monsters outside the Inn? Don't care. Grilled cheese with pickles. Thanks Chris for giving me that. You are a prince among men.


- NPCing a forlorn suicidal elvish mother and being talked into going through with it by a certain group of so-n-so's. The goal was to have my ghost son find someone to help talk me out of it, but plots sometimes go a little sideways. At the end of the day it's about entertaining the PCs, so if the PCs are maybe not such nice people, then maybe sideways is the best way. wink.gif


- Michah uses a yebbing powder to dig a hole for dead elf momma's grave. Titus says, "Wait. What do we fill it in with now?" Entire group says, "SHIT." Abominated Michah and Audra jump into pit and kick at the sides to collapse the dirt over the body. "RAWR! I'M KICKING THE WALLS! RAAAAAWR!"

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-Yebbing it up in a relatively concealed are of the woods behind the cabins, while a poltergeist went into to town to trick people into finding us. Nareen (hope I've got that right) wound up coming back alone and as a result, got to sit at the bottom of a yeb pit surrounded by dead yebs for 20-30 mins. The 6 of us just laid on the ground, watching the clouds and occasionally snickering about the predicament.

-Playing a "slow" hammerhead piscean who needed to get back to water.

-Being snooty Evenandran food critics experiencing pinedale food for the first time.

-Is Saturday morning orcs ever not fun?

-Being captured Yebs for sale, then having to fight the PCs at the inn when a druid politely killed our owner.



-Making friends with Ithilferith and Niclaud, and also realizing that day 1 PCs probably shouldn't hang out by the cabins alone.

-Not knowing Vanya's situation and giving her a glow-worm when she glared at me. She named it Charles.

-Being gifted a cloak from Reylan (spelling?) with a great history. Quite an honor.

-Helping Richter and Michael heal a bandit's broken legs and going from a 1 body mage to an improved magic armor tank for the next couple hours thanks to a reward synergize.

-Getting jumped by a bandit in the cabin with ALL my useful items/coin on me. Then choosing a physical search which was inconvenient enough that the bandit had to flee before finding anything.

-Having a glow worm save my life when I was down during the fight at the faye circle.

-Witnessing the confusion during the mindflayer plot and providing the last spellburst.

-All the amazingly supportive PCs around (Danyo, Baevynn, Velora, Baldiserie, Michael and many more)

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Now that the blog is posted, I can finally address this bit of fun!



+Poltergeist! Was fun to keep the PCs at a distance while they scratched their heads trying to figure out a solution to the problem.

+Mute ghost wants to play tic-tac-toe! Thanks Josh for being such a good sport! Thanks everyone else for doing such a good job pretending they couldn't see me.

+Earthkin bounty hunter being treated like a PC because people knew I was coming in with an earthkin PC.

+Crazy undead hoarde climbing out of a pit, even if I was a useless zombie.

+Savannah the friendly prostitute and her ongoing struggle to restore the good name of non-murdering, non-plagued, non-succubi whores of the Freelands.



+Is it possible to have a better group of NPCs? Ya'll rock, have great energy, and take direction well. Thank you everybody.

+Daphne! And Cinder! Best friends! For-ev-er!

+Seeing Rick make a possible recurring NPC out of a smart bandit.

+My makeup people pumped out NPCs so quick despite my lack of prepping them. +bajillion XP for putting up with my scrambledness.

+Poop toll. POOP TOLL.



+PRETTY NEW DREEEEESS! OMG MK is a dream to work with. She was 100% the creative force behind it and I couldn't be happier with it.

+Love my Wardens, however few of them there are.

+Lady Ith, Nihclaud, and Riker are all fantastic new characters.

+Getting to hear people talk shit about Eliana now that she's dead.

+Discovering a personal mission of Valora's: convert dark three worshipers. Ready for this to blow up in her face. Come at me, GMs.

+Valora's SO POLITE, even to people she doesn't like. Just know that just because she was friendly to your character doesn't mean she LIKES your character, but it's a lot more fun being friendly as a PC for once.


+Baldisere is still my best friend IC.

+Big ritual battle. It was nice to see us eventually come together in a somewhat orderly fashion to achieve success.

+Drunk werewolf fight. When am I going to learn that my PCs don't do so well with werewolves?


Check out my blog! Can't wait for next month!

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- Innkeeping as Ingrid never has a dull moment. Thank you to all PCs and NPCs that were such awesome sports while she was harassing people and trying to find others to share her and Artemis' bed with them. And to lock up in her cellar wink.gif


- Chris is always the best person to Innkeep with. SO great!


- *waves at Draug with hungry eyes*




- Thank you to all NPCs who were ready to do whatever, whenever on shift 2. Also, Nick, Maggie, and Amanda - y'all are the best.


- Went out in one of my own plots that developed differently than I expected yet it was freaking awesome. Didn't mean to end up in the Temple trying to get married to a werewolf, but thanks to my mom (I freaking love you, Brianna), that almost ended badly for the folks over at the Temple. Good god, my NPC was so stupid.


- Being a corpse for a Nox sacrifice was very entertaining. Rick S always freaks me out because he's so good at being evil.


- Makeup people were freaking amazing, and their apprentices too. Rock on!




- Drea was acting very weird this event. On purpose. For no reason.


- Drea was actually itching to go out and fight this event. And I actually figured out how to get in there and not get mowed down. About damn time!!


- It was a bit shocking and surprising to Drea that nobody was on her side when the ghost of an elf was trying to get people to see to his mom and to make sure she didn't kill herself, and then when we show up there she's dead, slumped over on Chris T's new PC (NAME???) and surrounded by Audra and Abel and Micah. She wanted soooooo badly to bring her back to talk to her. Yet nobody, not Titus, not Octavius, not Michael Burnheart were on her side. It was a little disheartening to hear a ghost crying for his mother (and telling Drea to "trip" Dren and Titus because "they're jerks and that's what we do to jerks!"). It was such a weird, suspicious situation that it kind of stuck with her for the rest of the night. And with me. It wasn't until an hour or two later that I realized while going through my purse that I could have just used a revive scroll or a heal mortal wound scroll on her on my own, without anyone's help, and sorted out the situation. DAMN IT. ANYONE HAS A TIME MACHINE I CAN BORROW. Needless to say, Drea was a bit.... shaken after that. I didn't like it.

PROTIP: I have really bad hearing IRL. So, if I say I can't hear you and scoot closer, it's because I literally cannot understand what's coming out of your mouth. Ask Rick S, true and annoying story. It's really hard understanding whispers unless you're literally 2 inches from my ears.


- Constantly trying to make sure Valora's weapon wasn't stolen all the time. And running after those two thieves.

Vany'a - "I don't run."

Drea - *slows down* "Oh, ok..."


- Daniel, David M, Richard, Ann, and Julie - THANK YOU. Absolutely amazing Monty Python and the Holy Grail quest. I lost it when we encountered the Knights Who Say Ni. Cried so hard from laughing that I was actually sobbing violently with tears streaming down my face while hiding behind our very tall bard. So good. And that bunny.... I love you guys. And my fellow GoST peeps. Rick S and Zach, you guys are masters of improv and comedy.


- Bagmen were outside the Inn. I had been feeling confident in fighting since I had yet to even take any hits that day, so Drea was attempting to go out and fight. Titus casts Mind Blank on her. She realizes she can go out and withstand Fear spells now. Oh, and then she got REALLY cocky.

Drea (opening the door) - "AHA! Let's go kick their ass!" *Fear bags get thrown in the Inn and hits my foot* "NO EFFECT, BUTTFACES!" *put one foot outside the door, gets mowed down by swords, especially a hard hit on the neck. Stumbles backwards, grabs neck, staggers, falls.*

What do we say to being cocky? NO.


- Vany'a started out as creepy, to "oh, I guess she likes me...?", to cuddling with my axe, to then cuddling with my bleeding-out body. So cute, yet so scary. Like a BABY DRAGON. As Drea woke up after Ivan healed her back to life and saw Vany'a curled up on her, she pointed at Titus and whispered "Can we keep her?" He just shook his head.


- GoST trying to have meetings in our cabin but we got interrupted a solid 5 times. Once by Michael Burnheart, once by Reggie, and three times by monsters.

I love our bard.

*door is stuck and won't open* Bard - "Well, I have been holding this door shut for about 20 minutes now..." Guardian of the Door. That's his Scared Truth!. biggrin.gif

Bard (to Reggie) - "So, you look like a guy who's been around the block a few times......... I'm just saying that because there are things on our doorstep waiting to jump on us as soon as we open the door for you to leave." (Octavius and somebody else go out there and start killing the monsters)

Reggie - "Hmmm, are those Wraiths?" *a collective "YUP!" is said. He steps outside and screams* "HOLD!"

Octavius - "Yeah.... They're dead now."

Reggie - "Oh."


Such event. Much fun. There needs to be an award for the Monty Python people next Feb Feast. Seriously. It was absolutely amazing and there couldn't have been better people to play the parts.

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I was just so glad to be back. Hi, guys. I missed you.


Thanks for all the patience as I repeatedly said "You! What's your name? And you! What's YOUR name?" A couple games of running sign-in and I'll have you all figured out.


And next month I'll introduce you all to the Druid of War.

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I am really glad that I decided to PC this event. I missed everyone and have enjoyed helping out behind the desk, but I'm enjoying having a season where I can PC, NPC, and help with logistics and not be completely held back by medical concerns. This event was awesome and there were so many new and familiar faces.





+ Being sent out as bad entertainers with Alex. Him as an off key, hoarse singer and me as a juggler who hasn't quite learned to juggle yet. We arrived at the inn after a group of skaven. The people in the inn killed or evicted all of them, then proceeded to allow 2 cyclops into the inn. It was interesting listening to the debate over whether skaven are "people" and why skaven can't eat in the inn but cyclops could.


+ Playing a dryad desperately trying to save her future husband (played by my actual husband) from being turned into an undead by darkness worshipers before he can become a treeman. The druids weren't around or available to help, so I used the charm effect to my favor and got the Rhino's to come help. This would have been awesome if the PC's realized that dryads can have multiple treemen. . . I had to convince them to walk out of my charm range so that they wouldn't kill my husband after they saved him because they thought I didn't need them anymore.

Logistics shift:


+ 2 extra GM's an a ton of NPC's who were really super excited and willing to do what was asked of them. I want to thank the make up crew and everyone who helped with garbing up our new players.


+ I got to use my bow! What's a weapons master to do when their dominant sword arm isn't functional? Shoot the ever living fuck out of orcs ofcourse.


+ After a year in town, my PC has come to realize that Titus gets upset if we kill slavers on sight. She's learned that you have to ask if they have papers first and can kill if they don't. So along comes a civinite slaver with a bunch of elves for sale. No papers you say? *Casually walks away to where Ilivandros is standing* "So, see that slaver over there? He's selling elven slaves. . . . *stands back and watches the carnage of righteous elven fury* (Have I mentioned that I enjoy watching my husband fight? Because I really do!)

Upside to dropping early due to medical reasons is that I have awesome friends. Thank you Jenica and Suzie for the mini girls night in the lodge. I didn't know that I needed that, but I really did. <3

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PC Shift


Had a blast Friday night ! there was so much going on I was getting dragged in multiple directions at a time and I loved it! Loved my personal plot for mummy sword also that Richard gave up some of his PC shift to RP Mortis thank you so much Richard ! Getting to play tic tak toe with Amanda as a little mute child and then getting a kiss on the cheek at the end, this event being my first as a medium that hit my pc straight in the feels. (Also totally kept that piece of paper). The other spirit Amanda plot with the husband was too funny it took us so long to figure that out XD. Daphnie and CInder I demand a come back for those two that was literal to perfect. All the RP with my group this event was fantastic we are sad to see Myra go :( but we wish her the best in her travels. So so so so much good stuff this event I could go on forever!





I was on Make Up kit for most of my NPC shifts but that in itself was amazing I loved doing the prismatic golem and getting to put my skills to the test on all the awesome creatures that were going out. It was also fun to go into town trash talking Civen hahaha DOWN WITH CIVEN BURN THE NOBLES! Its a miracle we made it out alive.


Such a good time guys can not wait till may ! hopefully there will be no snow this time lol.



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LOVED Everything as always!!!


1st (PC)-

+ Nearly died laughing at the poisoned pizza idea (still yummy though),

+liked seeing the new "disease" effect in play,

+ lots of plots going on everywhere! Never a dull moment!


+Died too much :-( but all was well

+Jamie as Moon Girl....sooooo much brought to light for Thaerion, intentional or not, Thank you thank you thank you!


2nd (PC)

+Getting rid of a certain hot item-Finally!

+Observing things from a distance >.>

+RPing with Ith, Geoffredo, and Draug in make a difficult decision

+Iron Golems!! Yay!

+Inn food is always yummy!

+Blister-Free feet from ma boots!



+RPing as a farmer girl but then coming back after my family was murdered by Darkness worshipers

+RPing with Krod in temple all sad at murdered family

+RPing with Pat about how the seven abandoned the poor farmer girl-just after a prayer in temple, and pat reassuring her it was not the seven's doing....sad.gif

+Going out as a Nox worshiper...follow me little puppets...follow me to my poor poor home so close to the shrine....smile.gif ....oh and to my druid friend who has twig blights and stinging nettle waiting for thee...hehehe

+Being killed and then being revived and then bound only to be led to the Temple for "re-education"...still sitting there bound and forced to listen to old man geoffredo tongue.gif hahaha



+First time on make-up was very exciting and had to learn quick how to make lizards (Thank you Silk and Josh for your patience with my plethora of questions)

+Al:" Oh man! Could you imagine if we had a Prism Golem?".....Me: "Done!"....rushes to the table of magic....biggrin.gif

+Had so much fun making Lori look like "Lord of the Flies" elf hehehehe

+Learning make up tricks in general, learning how to clean the airbrushes.


Thank you everybody!

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