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Joining the Cairnhold Legion

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As of RIGHT NOW, the only way for someone to get in is by invitation.


Invitations come from Wights and above, or Knights. All new joins will need a sponsor. Sponsors must be Ghouls or above. If you intend to sponsor a new join, you need to find a Wight or Knight to bring this to the attention of the Primarchs as an Advocate. The Primarchs, with the advice of the Chivalry and Dead Centurions, will decide yea or nay, and inform the Advocate. The Advocate will then, with the assistance of the Sponsor, issue an invitation and induct the new member at the next possible opportunity.


Sponsors are responsible for providing their new Zombies with a Zombie tabard and a plain black belt flag.


Further items, for clarity:


1. If you are a Wight, DC, Primarch, or Knight, you can act as both Sponsor and Advocate. If you are a Ghoul, you can be the Sponsor, but you need someone of higher rank or position to be the Advocate.


2. The induction ceremony is the responsibility of the Advocate to plan and perform. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Do not expect anyone to pay attention to it if it lasts more than 90 seconds, unless it's really fucking cool.


3. Personally, if I'm asked to be an Advocate for a new member by a Sponsor, imma make the Sponsor do all the work of the induction.


4. I fully expect invitations to be physical objects, like scrolls.


5. The intention here is to have people taking more responsibility for their recruits.

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