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GLOW WORMS: It has been an unwrittenrule that the battery powered glow worms are allowed, however, with theexception that any flashlight feature never be used for reasons other thanabsolute emergency. Please consider this unwritten policy to now be officialpolicy. If a player is found using the flashlight feature for anything short ofan emergency, Out-Of-Game penalties will be dispensed.



Emergencies are things like:



· Dropped glasses after the fight


· Medical emergency


· OOG lost players


Things that are NOT emergencies:



· Lost items


· Dropped props


· Trail finding


· Signaling to other players In-Game



FOAM LIGHTS: You may have noticed thatgame has acquired some awesome foam tube lights. Here are the rules regardingthem:



A player or NPC may NOT touch or move atube light unless a safety concern exists or a specific reason is stated by theGM.


Generally speaking, except in rare staff-approvedsituations, a light may never be lit while on someones body or in theirhands, especially in combat.



Flashing Lights are for STAFF use ONLY.If you see a flashing light, unless specifically notified/clarified by staffthat it is something OTHER than a hazard marker, ignore it in character andtake note of it as a safety hazard marker.



Thanks everyone,



Kyle Egert


Props & Atmosphere Marshal



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