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kyle egert

Best of September!

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my best moments were being on shift 1 (Work had me scheduled to work saturday and sunday, so I couldn't stay for the whole event.


I dressed up and worked as a body guard for a snow goblin looking to buy land in pinedale. I followed him around as we kept asking if anyone had any deeds and if land could be bought in pinedale.


I dressed up as an orc, wandering around the outskirts of town using the white garb of the shaman as the only method of not getting lost in the woods.


I was dressed up as an undead and fought in a very fun battle with the goal of protecting our caster as they performed a dark ritual. we had a ton of heroes involved and it became a bit difficult to identify who was on our side.


I began apprenticeship at the inn. it was a fun experience and enjoyed being a part of the atmosphere.


The following morning I retired my character and started up a new one...I then left to go to work.

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Showing back up to town (4rd shift) after a summer long visit to the Dell to find that the entire town was almost out of power . . . we had some how found the Al Cairn's phalactory and were going to be performing a ritual to destroy it. Defending the ritualists from the undead horde was a blast. Marching down to the lake all fired up for a fight that would make Grak proud had my blood running hot. The set up for the last fight was amazing! The fight itself was just the right amount of difficult. We were taxed, it was personal, and we banded together regardless of personal affinities. Scrolls and consumables were shared without reservation or expectation of repayment later. We all just wanted to make it home alive and we did.

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+Loved being warrior women with Amy and Brie. Thanks to the adventurers who actually tried to help us find orcs!

+Highly amused by Kyle's antics blowing out my ritual candle while I tried to do *EVIL THINGS* in the gazebo.



+Always love and appreciate my NPCs who tirelessly came up to me after one role and took on another, painted and re-painted, getting beat on, asking for roles enthusiastically instead of lollygagging.



+Kind of amused that I spent 15 minutes in character before I realized I didn't have my face gems on. Whoops!

+Gambling with Titus. As much grief as Valora gave him, I had a lot of fun with it. "Wanna play again." "Fuck you. I'm sorry. That just left my body. I couldn't control it."

+Tension with Ellenor. Glad you're able to play with depth like that, Kate.

+Friendsgiving. Always love the PC-on-PC RP moments.

+Both phylactery fights. The town really came together and fought well.

+Boss fight. Enough was going on to make it feel realistic but I could still watch what was going on and it was glorious.

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-Fighting over Pat Lane with Julia/Fish and our innuendo filled banter. And then losing him over a pun contest! Highlight of the night.

-Watching Dave (later Caspar Cloudbank) flip out while playing the tourist elf whom Steve convinced to drink hot sauce.


-Getting makeup for a slit throat as a Nox ritual victim and then Amanda saying, "Nope, you're not dead, just unconscious" and having to wash it off. Then getting unexpectedly revived and having to think of something to say.

-Getting to be an elf and insulting Nick's NPC (being an elf was tough! it's really hard for me to not smile!).


-Being basks who really wanted to ambush Tammy's character, but couldn't do it. And then she was so nice to us!

-Being a Buzzer to whom everyone was so rude!

-Watching Teridan's card tricks.

***Mary (later Senara) paying to have her fortune told and asking "Will I be happy here, making a home in Pinedale?" and all of a sudden the crystal ball malfunctioned unexpectedly and the lights in it went out and the fortune teller said, "The future of Pinedale is dark!"


-Getting a badass scar (Thanks Tammy!)

-Daitoro sending Baevynn a letter to ask her to keep a protective eye on me when he wasn't around (Aww, Dave <3 )

-Fighting practice from Niccolo, Richard, Teridan, and Rykir and the plot with the inappropriately pushy Dellins. (Brian, you were amazing in that whole scene!)



-Rykir taking me for a walk and chat. (One of my first 1:1 RP moments. It was great, thank you Connor!)

-Being invited to Friendsgiving with the Wardens, candles and food and stories and songs (and ignoring of the orcs outside) - Amanda, thank you for sharing your excellent cooking!

-Having tension with Valora (Amanda, I love you. You were so great.)


-Daitoro using so much of the plot from my blog post and having two amazing RP moments with me. OOC I was losing my mind at the RP we had, Dave. You are the best.

-Peacekeeper trying to dance with Daitoro and getting grabbed by the neck.


-Gambling with Valora, Rykir, and Titus when Valora lost the pot twice.

-The crazy elf flipping me a playing card across the table from the dragon deck while I gambled. The card he gave me had a warrior woman on it and the text said, "Druid: The weakest player becomes the strongest when using this card." I was geeking out at the relevance to my PC's storyline.


-The NPC Hamilton and Adot Burr plot: "Would you sign this petition for a reform of the Freelands financial system?" NPC subplot (Maggie, you are a kindred spirit! If you want to use Ellenor's signature in some nefarious plot later because of this Hamilton plot, it will have been worth it!) Huge highlight for me.

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1) NEW PLAYERS! Each and every one of you put so much energy into your roles, both PC and NPC. I was very impressed with how easily you guys jumped right into our game. You had enthusiasm, and didn't shy away from anything, and were willing to learn. Those of you who are on your 2nd and 3rd game did a great job as well.

2) Every phylactery fight. There is really nothing like hearing a ritual going on behind you while being surrounded by enemies trying to get through. Each and every one of those battles was intense!



- Everybody gathering at the Fae circle to destroy the phylactery at noon, armed to the teeth and expecting a shitstorm. "Hey guys, we did the ritual." "Whaaa?" "Okay. VICTORY!"

- Stunning Jimmy as he chucked Devastation at everything in sight. Seeing the look on his face when he went, "crap. Can't stop that" and fell over.

- Watching Arcturas (sp?) during that major fight, his second day in Pinedale, shout "FOR THE SEVEN!" and charge the Orc Berserker, swinging his amazing 1 damage greatsword like a superhero! We'll make a knight out of you yet. Way to commit to your role and the fight as a lowbie dude!

- Zara's leaf headband that I will make into a magic item. I wore it all day over one shoulder.

- The Pinedale Musical Hour, featuring Mariner on cello, Richard the bard on Guitar, and Andrew on his fiddle.

- Sending an angry spirit back to the well with Narine.

- 6pm phylactery battle. THIS was the fight we expected at noon. Line battle against an army of servants.

- Training the Cloudbreak Brothers (sp?) and other newbies the finer parts of swordplay throughout the day alongside other PCs, in preparation for the battles ahead.

- Consistently mixing up Charles, Crispen, and Casper, or forgetting at least 1 name each time I saw them.

- Friendsgiving. "Teridan, I didn't know you could sing!" OOG question: am I actually good?



- The return of Xicris. Hat off to Tammy for being my super sweet makeup artist. She knew him best, so it was totally appropriate as she was stuck on NPC duty when this happened. The reactions from everyone who remembered him were great.

-> Atticus: "No way...NO WAY."

-> Other PC to Pat: "Hey there's this guy out here who says his name is Zicros...Zicras? He's green." Pat: "Wait...green guy? XICRIS? It can't be!" Xicris steps into the in. Pat's jaw hits the floor.

-> Danio: "Xicris? Is that really you?" Me: "Yes old friend." Danio's mind: "Not gunna cry, not gunna cry..."

-> Titus: "S'up"

-> Dren: "Wow, it's great to see you again. What's your realm like?"

-> Rictor: "Oh wow, you're back! I never expected this! You came to help us out?"

-> Michael Burnheart: "You don't remember me do you?" Me OOC had forgotten I did know him. Out loud "of course, old friend! Where is Blagar?"

-> Vany'a: Looked as though she was reuniting with her best friend from college that she'd lost touch with. "I never got to say goodbye." Me: "well now you can. And never forget where you came from. You have changed. Don't hide it. It is part of you."

-> Ivan: "Oh. You're here huh. Okay. Like I give a f---"

- Literally every interaction with Pat as Xicris. Pat had so many questions about his children, about sparks, and he reconciled his differences with Xicris, saying how much he's changed. Later, after everything was over, watching him just look like a tired old man who can't quite believe the war is over, and giving him comfort.

- Atticus bringing over Arbor to meet Xircis. Giving Arbor chills while discussing what it means to be Faekin. Making her think about that part of her heritage. Kat, I love the scenes we have together every time.

- Giving Riona the green sand as the mysterious messenger Xicris managed to compel the night before, so that she knew he was watching over her. Awesome moment. Thorian nearly ruined it.

- The ending battle with the alters in the Al'caren's crypt look incredible, and felt incredible. It reminded me of the battle against the dragon so many years ago. Great job to shift 4 for setting all that up and making it kick so much ass.

- Taking a bunch of newbies as elves on a field trip. One of the newbies really drinking hot sauce when the bartenders joked with him. They probably didn't really think he'd do it. You newbies were great during this! All of you asked great questions.

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Brian, agreed. I was wowed by Dusk. Definitely sing more.

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1st shift

Being a ranger was pretty badass. At the same time getting killed by my own npcs sucked

Going head to head with Jace, Dustin is a great two weapon fighter.


2nd Shift

Saturday morning orcs are the most evil creation of all time.

Killing two "Cultists"

RP with a few old friends.


3rd Shift

Hag's earrings. "I'm not wearing these things unless the ghosts tell me too."

Dellin fight in the field. I loved those dellins.

Final fight, Evan makes the best dominated minion.


4th Shift

Talking to everyone as we all prepared for the fight

Gathered ritual items for Richter

Fighting in the field was a nice change, more npc nightmares coming to kill us all.

A battered town prepares to fight at the lake. It ends before midnight.


Best moment "Why are you wearing armor?"

"Because we are at war."

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I know I don't post much here anymore, and I'm already late to the party, but it wouldn't feel right to let 8 years go by without saying parting words about our final game at VK.


I'd like to begin with a huge THANK YOU to the staff and NPCs making Saturday night one of the most enjoyable and thrilling experiences since Voltrax, 3rd son of Draconus.


I won't go into detail about the ups and downs over the years, just know that we ended on a high note and it was a pleasure to take part in it. It felt like Pinedale again; like we were a town fighting for a purpose. I felt challenged, and drained, and tapped. It was exhilarating, to say the least. I think it brought back the real threat of "death" that up until Saturday night I didn't even know was missing.


Though some of GOST was able to attend, I so wish all my brethren could be in attendance to experience the epic night.


Some shout-outs and highlights:

  • JC, amidst illness coming through on the story-delivery once again. (RP groveling included in the last hour of the night).
  • "Holding the line" when all seemed about to fail, the townsfolk really held their own.
  • Rolling through undead like Aragorn in a sea of Urukhai... sometimes I was well-protected, other times I had 1 body and 3 power... it felt frightening and amazing at the same time.
  • Reminiscing with Xicris (sp), speaking of old GOST members ascending. All we needed was Rosalia to fall from the sky and Jakawitz to appear from the ley lines for it to be complete.
  • Through some private negotiations, I am more than grateful to have had access to one last Abomination spell at the final battle... pit traps would've put a quick end to my fun.
  • The final attack on the Al'Cairn with 1 body left, doing everything possible to interrupt his ley lines while Pat Lane advanced with his shield.
  • Falling on top of the lich with Scott and Pat and making a delicious undead sandwich.
  • Having to hit him so many times that I lost count and had to switch arms before he died.
  • Carrying around the Al'Cairn for about a minute before Abomination wore off (which subsequently nearly took my arm off)... priceless.

I have a new respect for some characters/players.



Looks like Dren needs to re-route the caravans.


Excited for the new place!




Thanks everyone for making this such a great event. (I know I'm missing several highlights above) Hoping all the newbies had a good time as well and looking forward to seeing you all at the new location!




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