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Kato Gallowsbane

Possible Changes to Enchantment

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3rd level:

Ablative Armor (moved from 4th, replaces spellburst)

-both points of monstrous armor cannot be mended back and doesn't break armor cap of 4 or 5 with helm (correct me if I'm wrong here).

-3 power seems more reasonable for what this spell provides.

-remove spellburst because this spell increases the chance of losing a greater number of tag bags in my opinion.


4th level:

Armor of Immunity (Takes place of Ablative Armor)

-10 minute duration

-User must be wearing torso armor at minimum

-user is immune to one of the following damage types; magic, poison, nature

-user must state which immunity received when encanting the spell

-provides an aura that protects the whole body

-OR only provides protection at armor sections of the body

-Does not override game day immunities as this is temporary


5th level:

Improved Ablative Armor (Replaces Shadowskin)

-Game day

-User must be wearing torso armor at minimum

- +1 armor and converts all points of armor as monstrous

-Does not stack with Enhance Armor or Ablative Armor


Thoughts and opinions on these potential changes to Enchantment magic.

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too much of the same concept spread against too many spells


Monsterous armor is too valuable to be given in a spell ( and it deters people from making the physical sacrifice of wearing full plate )


Losing tagbags isn't an issue important enough to warrant a spell removal , a good spell at that .

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That's what Abomination is for.

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