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In re: tax returns.


This is a hobby, and a game. The marshals do, yes, try to make items that will entice you to spend money on them, to help support our game.


But if the only way you can afford something is by losing your tax return on it... that's not a great financial choice. And we have NEVER wanted to see the auction bankrupt a player, or put them in a precarious position. If the auction only works because players are making dumb decisions rather than thoughtful donations, we'll find another way.


So the tax return argument isn't going to get much traction with us.

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Savant laboratory normally gives +5 production, the master's mark will change this to +10 free production

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How would disease work against monsters with damage retirements? Could you damage a troll or werewolf?

Disease is a damage type, so no

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Chinese auction

Superwand – Casts any 10 spells, refills at NNY, doesn’t take up your wand slot

Box o loot

Mystery box!?!?!?!?

5 levels a $500 value! A year’s worth of XP RIGHT NOW

Gloves of primal form while you wear them. – this effect temporarily overwrites ALL existing immunities until you remove the gloves.

Head N Tails (suzie and Phil)

Bracers from suzie – Casts Ablative Armor 2/gd, These bracers can be the targets of Ablative Armor, and make the spell cover your entire body

Belt from suzie – casts 12 levels of spells: pick them when you win and that’s it forever

Ring of sustenance from pat&Kerrie: you don’t need to pay for inn food

Personal Catering from Ryan G: 1 bespoke meal per event for 6 people for the year

Suzie pouch – when you pull a spacket out of the pouch you may throw it as a disengage spacket

Suzie Gift Cert + 24 point item

Scroll of full retirement

Scroll that adds +2 to existing armor

Scroll of 32 point item

Diana’s bracelet – The arm you wear this bracelet on is immune to magic. Can’t be healed through this arm, can’t channel spells through this arm, magical protections don’t work on this arm, but you can also swat magic spackets out of the air to no effect

Mark of the Emperor – When applied to an item, makes the item slotless

Necklace of the hunter – immune to ‘consume spark’ calls, Cures disease every 10 minutes on owner

Marble Encampment Talisman – Totem of Resilience and Talisman of Warding. Choose from 3 designs custom etching by Agincourt Arms

Belt of House Agincourt - +1 body, breaks cap

Necklace of the bone-shield house – antimagic aura 2/gd, resilience 1/gd

Wildrunner flask - 2/gd you may drink/pour/use any alchemical compound from the flask. (you can't fill bottles)


Centurion Sword

Non Martial Mage Blade

Casts Ruin & Curse once per game day.


Axe of Cairnhold

Elven Steel Martial

Always swings for 4, even with a shield or when diseased or weakened

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I bought the Blackheart Greatsword and I have some questions about the prop. I was mainly wondering where it came from, what it's made of (what kind of core?) and what has been done to it plastidip/paint/sealant wise.

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