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Cairnhold Ragnarok Camp rules addendum for Significant Others

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This is the policy for Significant Others (SOs) camping in camp with us at Ragnarok.

There's a couple of options.


Rule 0: The SO is already banned/excommunicated/on our Soiree blacklist already. These people can't camp with us, sorry.


A: SO isn't in Dagorhir at all

A1: They are free to camp with us in your private tent

A2: They wear a mask, and generally act like we do


B: SO is in Dagorhir, but not in a unit

B1: Free to camp with us, if they want to fight with us we're gonna stick a zombie tabard on them


C: SO is in Dagorhir, in another unit

C1: They can camp with us provided they:

C1A: Do their chores

C1B: Don't cause Drama

C1C: Have somewhere to go if we need to do unit stuff


In addition, we're going to post on our private facebook the names of any potential new campers so we can find out if there's a "hard no" from someone in camp. Primarchs will decide if it's enough to disallow them from camping with us.


As always, everyone in camp gets on the chore roster and pays a camp fee.


Any questions?

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