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The way we have allocated in-game space in Maplewood sucks for new players and makes them feel unwelcome or uncertain. While we say this is the case, "First Come, First Served" has effectively NEVER been how we actually determine who is using what space. It's also clear now, after our first full winter of weekend events, that hardly anyone is going to occupy the lean-tos, or Cayuga Cabin, throughout the winter. The lure of heated sleeping is too strong. Perhaps in the future, if improvements are made to make the lean-tos more weathertight, or add drivable access to Cayuga, we'll see this change, and if that happens we can adjust the policy. However, it is unfair to have parties lose their "dibs" over the winter months when no one else is staying in those structures either, and it seems particularly shitty for someone else to arrive before you in April or May and snatch your lean-to because you didn't want to stay in it through the winter (but they didn't either) - this particular situation is patently unfair to people coming from far away and people who have jobs that prevent them from being on-site at the 3 PM "site opens" time.

Note that there is NO SLEEPING ALLOWED in Logistics, except for rare exceptions for medical reasons made by the Operations Marshal. If you think you need to sleep in Logistics, please talk to Dave H (hivemind / Father Pius / Ivan Freelander).


From now on, this is how it works. As always, these policies are subject to change if something turns out to not work. If you have questions, the Operations Marshal (me) or my Operations Second Marshal (John Spencer) are the people to talk to, or post them here.


1. Groups are not expected to sleep in their structures at events where forecasted nighttime temperatures will be below 40 degrees (OPs will make this call).


2. Groups will retain their rights to a structure (their "dibs") over the winter months provided they occupy it in both November, and April or May (May if April nights are forecast to be below 40).


3. Groups that are assigned a structure are expected to do some sort of encampment, ie. Hide modern stuff, blankets on beds, hang a sign or a banner, make it look lived in, and so forth. Groups are also still expected to do a "bare minimum" encampment during the winter months if at all possible. Put out your banner or sign, have a lantern in there, etc. even if the lean-to will be empty. If the snow's too deep to reasonably travel up there, don't worry about it - but make the effort if it's possible.


4. Groups that have a structure and need to miss an event for whatever reason will need to post up by Wednesday night prior to the event they're missing so that we can use the space for something else that event (encounters, overflow, whatever). This allows OPs to temporarily offer your structure to another group so they can try it out, GMs to use the lean-to for a longer encounter that event, etc.


5. "No call no shows" make a group lose their "dibs" immediately (exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances beyond your control, like if you all carpool together and get in a car accident on the way to game). If this happens, the next group on the waiting list will be given your building starting the next event.


6. Groups who do not completely fill their structure may still have other people assigned bunks in it.


7. If your group goes defunct or disbands, you need to inform OPs as ASAP as possible so that we can reassign your structure.


8. Operations reserves the right to move people around, based on size of group, regular attendance, actual space utilization, etc.


Note: this post will be kept up to date, and ruthlessly moderated.

Areas protected by The Helix are in this color.

Areas not protected by The Helix are in this color.



Maplewood (Oneida Lean-Tos)

Structure 1: Danielle Dewolf (Golden Path)

Structure 2: Stone

Structure 3: Slap &Tickle group

Structure 4: 

Structure 5: 

Structure 6: 

Structure 7: 

Structure 8: Sable Company


Merchant Bazaar / Williams Pavilion ++ This area is in The Helix ++:

Currently, there is more than adequate space to house all the merchants in-game in Williams Pavilion, and merchants are welcome to use this as they wish, provided you're not unreasonably infringing on the space or use of any other merchants. Stall spaces and tables are first-come, first-served.

Note that there is no sleeping in the Merchant Bazaar (well, you can if you want, I guess, but there are no beds), and there's still no vending in Maplewood proper or in the Spinning Jenny (except during winter months, and then only discreetly). Merchants should get bunks in one of the cabins to sleep in-game, or upstairs in an A-Frame to sleep OOG.


Cayuga Cabin: Mercy House

So here's the deal with this building: there is no deal.

It's clearly only habitable in fair weather for our purposes, as we simply can't get back there except on foot with backpacks from mid-November to May. That's like six months (November, December, January, February, March, April) it's a useless structure, for our purposes. 

I'm not going to expend a lot of energy during the five or so events we can actually use it (May, June, August, September, October) deciding who gets what, managing dibs, etc. If you can get there, it's available. 

The ten bunks in that building are first-come, first-served. If people want to encamp there, be respectful of each other's needs and belongings, and work together to make it what you want. No one owns it, use it as you will.

That building is OUT of The Helix now. Please do not make it into MurderHouse.

Starlight legion currently sleeping during good weather events.

Harden Cabin: The Slap & Tickle

Bunks in the Slap and Tickle are first-come, first-served. Please be respectful and keep your bunks passably in-characterish. Merchanting is allowed in this building at all times.

Evans Cabin:

First come first served, can be a group encampment, but can't be reserved, must be shared with any group who wants to set up there. 

Hornbeck Pavilion: This structure is being used as The Temple, a cooperative effort between a number of the Septons in game. No one should want to sleep here, it doesn't even have proper doors.

Williams Lodge: The Spinning Jenny ++ This area is in The Helix ++

Williams Lodge is being used now as an in-game building for players who desire a more extensive in-character encampment experience year-round. There is a common room with four beds, two tiny bedrooms with four beds each, and a bunkhouse area with twelve bunks. As the players staying here have more extensive encampments, we're going to manage the occupancy of this building a bit more actively. 

As long as you're staying there, you'll keep your individual dibs on a bunk bed (top and bottom) just as if it was a lean-to in Maplewood; all the same rules apply as far as regular occupancy and so forth. The only additional requirement is that you are required to cover the twin-size bright blue mattresses of your bunk bed with a fitted sheet of a solid color or an authentic-looking print (don't put your Star Wars fitted sheet on these) to add to the atmosphere of the building. 

Common Room Bunk Bed 1: Will Mettot,
Common Room Bunk Bed 2: Dellmar,
Common Room Single Bed 3: 
Bedroom 1 (this room was bought by Dave H at the 2017 Feb Feast): Narene Tvarus
Bedroom 2 (this room was bought by Dave M at the 2017 Feb Feast): Blackthunder Clan
Bunkhouse Bunk Bed #1:Steve & Nick Hower
Bunkhouse Bunk Bed #2: Rowan
Bunkhouse Bunk Bed #3: Joy Strifeborn, Sam C
Bunkhouse Bunk Bed #4: Tiny, Helot
Bunkhouse Bunk Bed #5: Coin Purse
Bunkhouse Bunk Bed #6: 

North Town / Ranger & Seneca Lean-Tos

These areas are first-come, first-served

The A-Frames ++ These areas are in The Helix ++

The bottom floor of the A-Frames are available for encampments and in-character activities (the upper floors of all three will remain OOG). Bear in mind that it is HIGHLY unlikely the GMs will ever send NPCs down there, so if you're encamping there for RP purposes, expect to entertain yourselves.

If all occupants of an A-Frame agree that none of you is going to use it for this purpose, simply mark the door with a strip of orange and a note that says "Building OOG" and then feel free to scatter your mundane crap everywhere as usual. But if someone wants to use an A-Frame for their party's in-game purposes, they get priority. 

Sioux: No Current encampment. Donald Tyson, Jamie Finley currently sleep in the building.

Pawnee: Druids encampment and they currently sleep in the building.

Apache: No Current encampment. Reaver's Rangers / Firekeepers currently sleep in the building.



To get yourself or your group on this list, you must make a post below this one, stating the name of the group, the group contact person, and how many people in the group. "Dibs" are allocated in the order I receive them.

Currently no waiting list. Please post below or reach out to Ops if you would like to be added.




Williams Lodge.jpg

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Sorry if I didn't make it clear, I was hoping to request bunk 2 in the common room. (Top bunk, I know bottom one is taken.) If that doesn't work, though, that's alright. 

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Hey, I was told there was space in the third A-frame and I'd like to claim a bunk there this month. Thanks!

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Would like to claim bunk 6 on Williams, please. Thank you :)

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Sioux A-Frame for me, please!


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I usually sleep in the Sioux A-Frame, downstairs on the left as you walk in. This is for medical reasons ( back injury)

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Hello! If there is still a bed open in Williams (one of the ones on 6 I think, idk which one is claimed already) I would love to grab it! Thank you! :D

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