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Queen Bee Fight

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As someone who is very into bees, honey bees especially...

What if there was a Buzzer Queen fight? Beehives rarely have more the one queen, and I imagine the same is true for the buzzers. Perhaps the old queen has passed away, leaving a group of younger ones fighting for her position. Or maybe there was an attempt to overthrow her, and a new, younger queen was raised in secret to overthrow her?

PCs could attempt to settle this, maybe take bets on who will win, etc etc.

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Send out two groups of Buzzers in different directions each with one 'queen' or princess. 
Each group goes off to gather as many 'knights' as they can pleading that their Hive is about to be overrun by a terrible queen and they need help kicking out the bad queen. Pc's think they are going to fight a corrupted buzzer or something dark.
After collecting their 'knights' the two groups of buzzers re-face eachother in a field. Both queens declaring they are a true queen for they chose the better knights. Whoever knights win gets to be the new leader of the hive.

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