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Edgar Felltree

Harvest Feast steak dinner orders

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     Hey everyone I got distracted and didn't get to bring it up at game but I will be doing the steak dinner at the next game in September.  Meals include a 3/4" NY strip, salt potatoes, and two sides (probably grilled veggies and fruit salad once I see what is in season) .  Each dinner will be $18 and all profit will be donated to the BSA for continued improvements to to the property and If we make enough some lucky kid might get a scolarship award to attend summer camp.  For such a noble cause three experience points will be granted per meal purchased.  Meal prep will start during second shift and meat will meet grill starting third.  Leave your real name and how many you want in the comments along with questions and potential donations of extra sides or desserts.  I will be posting this on both the forum and Facebook.


P.S. Veggie Kabobs can be substituted for steak if you are a monster that doesn't eat meat.

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