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Ryan Staring

June Preproduction

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Hello Novitas! Please post here or PM Amy or I with your pre-production needs for the June event.

Please submit to pre-produce the following:



You will be receiving your numbers prior to event so if you are creating numbered items, post here or PM Dustan or I.


Personalized Incants

You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, post or PM Amy or I during the pre-production window and they will be printed for you. Otherwise, you may produce these at sign-in by writing your incant in on scroll template blanks. (This is not required, but is an option.)


Character Retirement

As always, if you are retiring a character you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. Seriously, you need to do this. If you know you are retiring at this event, PM Amy or I immediately!


Please submit all pre-production requests by SUNDAY, June 2nd at 11:59PM.


Thank you everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me  here or on Facebook.

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Merchant Skills:

Trading in: Restore Limb Ring (level 2) for Enhance Armor Earrings (level 1)

Trading in: Purify Spirit Bracelet (level 2) + Silvershine Ring (level 2) + Heal Body 2x Ring for Heal Body 3x Cloak (level 3)

Production Skills:

1x Scroll of Battle Mastery (5pp)

1x Scroll of Maelstrom (4pp)

1x Scroll of Slaying Swarm (3pp)

1x Scroll of Magic Swarm (2pp)

1x Scroll of Magic Strike (1pp)

1x Scroll of Stun (5cp)

1x Scroll of Ablative Armor (4pp)

1x Scroll of Elemental Weapon (3pp)

1x Scroll of Grounding (1pp)

1x Scroll of Mend Armor (1pp)

1x Scroll of Weaken (1pp)

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David kelsey / Wolfbane june production

1 Ritual Ink cost 1 copper 1 production point

1 minor power elixir cost 1 copper 1 production point

1 elixir of wisdom cost 2 copper 2 production points

1 rejuvenation elixir cost 2 copper 2production points

thank you

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Restoration Master Staff - 200 coin


TBD - 30 coin

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Ring of Toughness 2/ gday

Belt of Dissipate 2/ gday

Scroll of Toughness

Scroll of Synchronize x6

Two Step Venom x1 (makes 2)


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Production for Oz: I have 4 months of it in the bank. Whenever the last game at Hoover was, Both Jubilies, and Last Harvest fest. Only weirdness, I am only claiming my Lab for the first month, After that I wouldn't have had it where Oz has been and would have no reason to claim he used it. 

24CP: Sanctuary Shirt 2/GD
30PP: 6 Scrolls of Battle Mastery
Savant Potion Rack: 6 Truth Serums

12CP: Sanctuary Major Wand , 12CP:  Slaying Swarm Major Wand
25PP: 5 Scrolls of Battle Mastery
SPR: 6 Transmutations

12CP: Necklace Elemental Dart 1/GD 8CP: Ring Natual Repultion 1/GD 
25PP: 5 Scrolls of Devastation
SPR: 6 Cathlicons

12CP: Wrist Slaying Swarm 1/GD 8CP: Ring: Creeping Rot
25PP: 10 Vials of Two-Steps
SPR: 6 Cathlicons 

88 Total CP, 16 Free Points from Master Crafting. 72 points owed 360 coin. 
105 PP: 105 Coin
Total Coin owed 465

Using Merchant 1 to trade for the ritual ink to make all the scrolls. 
Using Merchant 4 to trade in my Shirt of Spellstore 2/gd for a Belt of Curse 1/GD 

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Illivandros Adsalor



Goblin Iron/Nature Martial Sword with Reap Spirit 1/GD  - 24 cp - 200 coin

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