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Harvest Fest Feast

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Hi Everyone!
The Owl and Ore General Store, friends, and associates will be holding a potluck for lunch during Harvest Fest. Start time for festivities will be 1 o’clock at the upper firepit in the newly renovated Owlpost Settlement north of Maplewood.

While everyone is welcome to come and eat, anyone who makes a dish to pass for the lunch will have their name put into a drawing for lovely prizes presented from the Owl and Ore!

Grand prize will be: The Buzzer Queen's Honey Pot: Once per ley lines pulse this jar fills itself with a buzzer honey for your use. That's not all, additionally once per ley lines it fortifies an existing buzzer honey, allowing your vial of buzzer honey to act as the Queen's Royal Jelly.

Additional prizes will be: a rod of Improved Magic Armor, the Craftsman's Apprentice Pin. If a lot of people bring food, I will add more prizes. Additional prizes will include a non-martial nature weapon, goodie bag of consumable, and magic items from the shops stock.

If you are interested in making food for this celebration, please post your name and what you plan to bring below, or let Ozwaindwel know in person at the Owl and Ore.
Happy Harvest Fest friends, and I hope to see everyone there!

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(Cross posted from the Facebook. I'll will be moving the food list here for the people who don't use the Player's discussion.
Food so far: 

  • Guile: A Dessert.
  • The Sanctuary: Drinks and fire for the firepit. 
  • Ryan G: Something, will decide later in week.
  • Ryan W: Pumpkin Pie.
  • Katlyn: Chocolate Acorns.
  • Nick H: Baked Beans.
  • Steven H: Seasoned Beef Stew. 

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I'll be bringing something but I won't decide what until later this week (not sure what kind of time I'm going to have to prep things).

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