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2020 Halloween Donations

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It's October again. Halloween stuff is in stores in full force. Every year we take DONATIONS FOR XP on props that would be good for game. Take advantage of sales, especially immediately following Halloween. The standard rate is 1 XP per $10 spent. Below is a list of items that we need/could use. Purchasing masks is most useful when multiple of the same mask can be purchased.

1. Troll masks
2. Lizard/Reptile masks
3. Insectoid masks
4. Any masks that would be an upgrade to our current masks.
5. Any golem masks
6. Hard plastic "scream" masks. I will post a picture of the specific ones I mean.
6. Prosthetic Elf Ears
7. Prosthetic Monster parts (For Snow Goblins)
8. Fairy Wings (Adult Size Only)
9. Small necromancy component props
10. Props: Anything unique/odd/cool that fits with our setting and would be useful/creepy

This list is not all inclusive. If you see something that might be useful feel free to send me a message. You will get a quicker reply with a Facebook message. Additionally, if I think of anything else I will add it to this list.

Note: Please send me a message if you have bought anything so that I can mark it down.



3 "witch" masks. NOT green. Human flesh colored


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