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Kato Gallowsbane

Leather leg armor and bracers

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I am selling my leather armor. 
Leg armor: $80.00
Bracers: $50.00

The black leg armor fully covers shins and upper-thighs and counts as 2 points of base armor. This was the armor I wore as Kato for the past few years and have some wear on them.
Measurements (approximate):
Length; 28 inches
Width; 12 inches (upper-thigh)
            9.5 inches (shin)

The arm bracers are something I recently ordered online so they are like-new. They are 7-8 oz.
Length; 10.6 inches
Width; 10.2 inches

leg armor 1.jpg

leg armor 2.jpg

bracers 1.jpg

bracers 2.jpg

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This is way overdue but I wanted to reply just in case someone comes across this post.

These items are no longer for sale.

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