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Harvest Fest Potluck Lunch Event!

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The Owl and Ore will be hosting a lunch potluck at noon. Everyone is welcome to come join us!
We will also be holding a contest. Everyone who brings a dish to pass (20 servings min, and your own serving utensil) will be entered into a raffle for prizes. To be entered, put food on the table in front of the Owl and Ore before noon. Come see me, and I will add you to the list. That's it!

So we don't have a repeat of the year, I will have an updated list of what people will bring to avoid having too many people bring the same thing. (Please post below what you plan to bring. I will keep updating the post between here and the FB page.)

As always, we will have prizes. The grand prize is only yours to keep and use for the year.
Prizes this year include:

Grand Prize - Queen Buzzer’s Honey Jar - 1/gd  with 1 min of roleplay acts like a buzzer honey. 1/gd when used with a real vial of buzzer honey, apply the effects of a royal jelly instead!

Second Grand Prize - A Primal Throwing weapon!
Other prizes include - Coin, Consumables, Scrolls, 1 month of production on Oz. The more dishes people bring, the more prizes I will add!

Hope to see all your lovely dishes you make to share with the community! 

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Guile: Will fill in a gap and commit closer to event.

Sage: Arancini Casserole

Hannah: Bakery sweets.

Danielle: Fish Cakes (Piscean Decorated Cupcakes)

Michael: Apple Cider Donuts

William: Pulled Pork Sliders

Justin: Hand Pies (100% Orc Hands)

Ceilidh: Carrot Cake

David: Breads

Anton: Various Sodas

Ryan B: Pigs in Blankets (Tentative)

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Second saved post incase we get like 600 items. Which would be great ;) 

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