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Ashlin Burnheart

The Burnheart Caravan

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The day after The Harvest Fest Ashlin Burnheart sends a large volume of letters to The Caravan. One such message reads as follows.

"Caravan Member, Due to unforseen circumstances there will be an emergency meeting. Please report in at the predetermined location in the Freelands."

Ashlin curses a few times handing a Courier the letters.

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A few days pass. A constant stream of mail returns to Ashlin. 

The chosen walks to The Covenant's Circle. A meeting point for all members of his organizations. It could have posed a security problem if The Covenant was still active. Ashlin ponders the thought as long as his mind allows. 


Then he begins to build a summoning circle. First he pushes the fallen leaves around a central point forming a wall of fallen foliage. 


Circles made out of goblin iron are the best traps for fae. This summoning was not a trap. No need to waste the coin on the iron.

Ashlin meticulously works on his circle. There would be no time in the days to come. 

A plump old man, adorned with gold and gems watches his master work.

Silence, it stretches out over the next hour like a yawning eternity. 

"Sir, you have been obsessing with your project for almost 3 hours. Another half a dozen merchants have arrived. They stand on the northern end of the circle. 

"Oh has it been that long?" Ashlin plops himself in the middle of the clearing. A small wall surrounding him. A seven pointed star surrounds him.

One point for each of the mortal magics of the world. A second circle lies affixed to the top the Septon star. Representing the mortal spark, the life energy that binds so many of us together. This is where Ashlin would stand as he invited his "Guest."

"Its good to see you all made it in a timely manner. Hopefully the leylines were not too terrible to travel."

Ash only lets a split second pass before continuing. "We have business to attend to." 

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