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The Online Character Sheet and Experience Totals

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The online character sheet app is ready for use*!

You can find it here: http://charactersheetapp.kingdomsofnovitas.net/#/

*If your character has learned rare languages through plot but not through Scholar it does not presently record that, you'll need to add that manually to a printed copy, this will be fixed in a future update.

Checking your total XP online

Any player can use a character ID number to check the current TOTAL xp of their characters using this look up sheet:


It's a temporary solution so that players can access that information now.  Hopefully it will eventually be something we can integrate into the app, but that's another big step for later.

Character ID Numbers

Every character has an ID number.  Those of you who were at the April 2022 game had it written onto your character sheets.  If you missed the event or lost the number, you can contact Liska or I and we can message the numbers to you for any of your characters.

Any time a staff member assigns experience it will instantly be visible in that total.  For example all players have been assigned experience for NPCing during the April 2022 event (which was 2 days ago as of this post) already.

How does this affect sign in?

If you have an online character sheet you printed from home you will be able to have your character sheet approved the FAST way.  You'll get to show your sheet to the person checking sheets, and they will verify that your total xp matches the total xp we have for that character.  That's it.  Sheet successfully checked.  No math needed (the app does that for you).

Anyone who does not have an online sheet will still be able to check-in the previous way, having xp written onto your sheet so that you know how much you have.

XP Banks

Many players choose to save xp until they decide they want it or until they create a new character.  In the past the game has rolled that experience over month after month building a steadily larger sum until you finally take the xp.  Starting this month every player has a character in our records that is named "XP Bank".  Any experience you don't take will get assigned to that character.  You can message Liska or I at any time and we can take the XP from your bank and assign it to another character.  You can check your xp bank like any other character by changing the last digit of your character's ID number to "9".

Any player who didn't attend the April 2022 event had all experience that was waiting for them automatically assigned to their XP bank.  Further experience earned for players will continue to go to their XP bank until they notify Liska or I (or whoever is doing check-in) that they want to see the xp go to a different place.  If you have xp going to a character, it will continue going to that character until you tell us to change it.  As long as you are happy with where your xp is going you don't need to tell us if you are taking your xp any more.

Starting in May 2022, any experience you get during a month will be only the experience earned since the prior event.

What to do if you think your total is off

Total experience was calculated for each character based on the most recent character sheet in the character archives.  This means that for some people who haven't archived anything lately this will be WAYYYYYYY off.  If that is the case, take a picture of the front side of your character sheet and send it to me and I can update your xp totals.

Bear in mind most marshals assign experience one time per month, right before a new event, so don't expect to see anything immediately after an event from things like PELs.  We're all volunteers have some patience.

Written XP

Ideally staff will now be assigning all xp between games online.  If staff for some reason feel the need to write XP onto a character sheet, you'll need to bring your sheet to the logs desk to have it recorded, so that it shows up in the XP look up.


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With the character sheet app we are currently aware of a bug that seems to only appear when using an Apple browser on Apple phones (specifically when trying to make language and ritual choices for scholar).  If you encounter this problem (where you can't select languages/ rituals with scholar) try using a different device or a different browser.

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