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Andi L.

More in-game buildings/areas

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I would love us to have more in-game buildings/areas. Currently, the only places to hangout that feel immersive are the two inns, the Temple, and maybe Northtown when people actually set up encampments there. Whenever NPCs need to look for people, they always start at the inns because thats where the majority of players are going to be. It would be great for immersion, storytelling, and the overall player experience to have more in-game areas.

So here are my ideas for some:

(Before I start, I just want to say that if KoN ever decides to implement any of these, I am more than happy to help set it up and can be reached at Andi Livingston on facebook!)


GRAVEYARD (Chris Toia originally came up with this idea!)

We could get sooo much use out of a graveyard. It would be a great place for people with the medium skill to go look for ghosts (and for ghost NPCs to go look for mediums!). It's a great place for any weird necromancy stuff. ALSO there could even be occasional bonus loot given to players who actually bring the bodies of dead people NPCs to the graveyard.  In addition it would be a great place for players to RP, especially to mourn retired PCs. Plus general spookiness.

Set up: All that would really be needed are some foam gravestones set up in an opening area. Just some general gravestones can be stuck in the ground before game starts, and anyone who wants to set up a specific grave for a retired PC or a person from their backstory can do so. (You can make foam gravestones really easily/cheaply, or you can buy ones like this https://www.amazon.com/Olgaa-Halloween-Tombstone-Decorations-Graveyard/dp/B09B7JPRG5/ref=sr_1_36?keywords=styrofoam+tombstones&qid=1650736557&sr=8-36)



This would be a perfect addition to the game right now, since the Scholar tree was recently added! A library would be a great place for scholars to gather and talk. This would be a good spot to put a courier mailbox and maybe even a letter writing station. In a perfect world, some in-game books (rule book, world book, PC written books) would be available so PCs could check them if needed. There could even be the occasional librarian NPC overseeing it who has information about the plots going out that shift, so PCs could go there looking for info which would be fun to RP.  Overall I just think a library fits in really well with the new Scholar tree and it would be so fun to have one!

Set up: This could be put in one of the buildings near Northtown, or even just be a table in the Bazaar. I think for it to really work it would need to look pretty good. You'd need books (preferably game related books), the courier mailbox (?maybe?), pens and paper, candles, some decorations, and a sign. 

It's something that would take awhile to put together, but would be really fun to have.



Thats it! Except I'd love the Bazaar to be more immersive too but I won't die on that hill. If I come up with any other ideas I will surely post them.




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So (speaking only for myself)... I want the exact opposite of this for a couple of reasons.

Yes it would be great for immersion.  However, every location an NPC has to go to find PC's to hook for a plot is more time that NPC is in play JUST WALKING and not interacting.  Its variable how much that walking tires out the npc in question, some players have no issue with extra walking, some walk 5 feet and then need to sit forever before they go out again (and often with those players lets be real walking isn't the issue).  But regardless of how it impacts that hook, the people sitting in a field somewhere as monsters are just sitting... waiting.  We want the hook npc to be able to find PC's quickly and relatively efficiently so we can get those npcs back again, resulting in more plots going out the door. 

I personally hate having two inns.  My argument is that we want one single location where hooks go to find adventurers, and if adventurers want to get hooked they go to that location.  The helix makes that much harder, so 2 inns it is.

Targeted plots, color plots, things where npcs wander about to interact with players are a different story, and more locations don't hurt.  However then we enter into another issue with the site.  The more permanent PC locations we have, the fewer locations GM's have to send plots that can be "different".  It makes me sad the former slap and tickle has been absorbed by PC groups immediately, it would be nice to have a single building out there where some stories can be told that want something other than a lean to.

Having said all that, I mean these could very well be cool locations.  Adding more to the bazaar would certainly be great for making it more immersive.  There's nothing to stop you from building these things.

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