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Michael Burnheart

B+B (4th Shift Boss)

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2 “Leaders”
Orcs use magical weapons
Enslaved lizard folk fight for their orc masters

Dossier On The Boss and The Bastard
The final of the captains are a Duo named The Boss and The Bastard. The first thing to note is their weaponry. It seems magical in nature so plan your defense accordingly. Second, they have a small army of trained creatures that fights for them. I’ve mostly seen reptilians in this group but there could be others. They can be identified by a brand on their scales. The Boss is the brains of the operation while the Bastard is the brawn. He has been regimenting all the orcs with strict training and is probably why they all fight with a kind of strategy. If you have any questions attach a note or CC me and I will answer with what knowledge I have when I can.

Herr Michael Alexander Burnheart
Thane of New Germinas
Master Necromancer

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