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Glim haventide

took a few years but I am back!

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was planning to attend my first event a few years back but was not yet above the age of 18 so I ended up having to wait, then ended up forgetting all about it once I did hit that age, but now I am 19 (and quite embarrassed by my old post wording lmao) and have been putting together my first set of garb and what not for the past few weeks and hopefully should be able to attend the December event so long as I get the go ahead to get that weekend off from work. just figured I would say hi again! (though I do plan to create a new character rather than play the one I had planned out back when I was younger as I have matured when it comes to character creation buy quite a bit and don't really like the over the top edgy rogue esc character I made back then lol. though I think that is going to wait until after my first event as I want to get a hang for the rules themselves as a npc before branching into pc play)

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Good morning and welcome (back)! I’m Michael - the Second Marshal for Marketing and Player Outreach. 

First and foremost, welcome - officially - to Novitas; glad to hear you still have an interest in playing! Usually I'd point out somewhere that I always recommend new players NPC their first event (or even few events), but that already seems to be your plan so nothing to say there. What I would recommend is making sure that you've got garb warm enough for a winter event (or at least thermals to wear under said garb) - it can get very chilly.

I'm not sure how much of this you've done over the last year or so, so to give you the typical rundown I share - there's some important information that I would definitely recommend reading up on. You can find a list of races on the Wiki here that gives information and costuming requirements for all current races - from there you can also make your way to our Setting pages. Some stuff there may be a little bit outdated or have less information than is generally known, but if you have any questions, you can put them in the #setting-questions chat of the Discord.

The Wiki overall provides a fairly good introduction to the game in the "Learn to Play" and "New Characters" sections. You can also find information about the setting on the Wiki as well. I would also recommend checking out our YouTube channel to get a visual representation of the vibe we shoot for.

If you’ve got any questions or just want to chat about game, my DMs are always open both on Discord (Michael/Mathys, I’ve got a yellow name) or on Facebook (Michael Maneri). If you have any garb questions for the winter, the Discord is always a good place to ask as well!

Hope to meet you soon!

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