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Glim haventide

began putting together my first set of pc garb

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I started working on putting together my first set of pc garb and was just curious on what peoples thoughts were as I have never really done anything like this before and while I have noticed some things I will want to change there very well might be things I didn't think of or notice.
heres a quick list of my personal thoughts about what I plan to change:
new cloak, this current cloak is sorta like a blanket cloak thought its a little small in size, it is semi effective at keeping me warm right now in October but I feel like once It gets colder it will not be very effective, it is also not very water resistant so for those reasons I plan to get a better cloak that is water resistant and larger for improved warmth and just general comfort in the winter months and I can use this during the warmer time of the year.
pants, the pants are very thin cotton fabric which while not bad at the moment in the current weather I feel like when it gets colder the wind will cut right through them so I plan to get some higher quality faux leather pants that not only provide a bit more warmth but also will help to keep water out.
boots, they are not visible in the picture but I am currently using a cheap pair of leather work boots I found, and while they look ok, I definitely want to get something that is more at home in the setting and just looks better with the costume overall
pouches! I plan to get a few pouches to go on my belt for things such as coin, color flags for effects, ect as well as a shoulder bag to carry other things such as my feast kit and hygiene stuff in.


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