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Miles Castigus

A new Board is posted outside the Inn

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Early in the morning, an Elder leaves a number of fliers throughout the public spaces in Maplewood. They read:


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Ashlin approaches the message board with a bounce in his step. He pins his newest advertisement and a second note up before bouncing away.

The Burnheart Caravan will be presenting the Midsummers shop for all adventures to enjoy. Cold food and drink will be served, adventuring gear, garb, and weapons, scrolls and potions are available. 

Special announcement!!! 

For Sale

*Shield of Mindblank

*Shield of Transcendence twice a day

**And  For A Favor: Belts of a reloadable 5th level spell once a day. (Fae magic and antics included)  Deals last until the contracts expire.


The hand writing on second letter is slightly messier.

To my fellow adventurers, 

I hope you all are well, If anyone is in need of coin I have a few odds and ends that need to be taken care of. These are mundane tasks that take one far off the feont lines of a battle field.  Listings will be available at shop. All yiu need to do is ask.

Ashlin Burnheart, The Wandering Merchant, Risen as The Golden Phoenix, Keeper of the Blue Dragon's Hoard, Founder of the Covenant of Illumitas and The Master of the Endgame Emporium.

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