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Wouldn't it be cool if...New Lootsville is born?

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With the Night's Children being more effectively repelled, it would make sense for the refugees to start returning and rebuilding their former homes. Perhaps they want us to assist them in rebuilding their home. How might their town be different then it was before. Traders and craftsmen would be flocking to the area for the money involved in rebuilding. Scavengers might also have been coming by, now that it's safer, to pick the bones before too many peopel return home.


What if we of Pinedale decide to be proactive and start this process?

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Thro'gok Tallnash wants you to collect supplies for Lootsville



Elven oak wood 1/20

Orc steel 20/20

Shipment of swords 0/1.



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

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