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Woldhaven Invitatational - the Games of 2011

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This year, YOC is running the Silver Kingdom Ren Faire (SKRF) Jun 11-12 and 18-19, and we have decided to take it back to its roots - a festival to help promote LARP, and try to recruit new converts to our hobby.


We have combined the SKRF with the Blood Games concept of a LARP competition. It's still the overall LARP competition, with mostly the same rules and familiar competitions, although it will have moved from Waxaclajuun to the Silver Kingdom, and is labeled the Woldhaven Invitational.


We are throwing in some serious twists, though:

- as an integral part of the SKRF (Silver Kingdom Ren Faire) there will be lots of vendors, lots of entertainers, and also a lot of non-LARPers

- it will run over two weekends, giving serious time for Skull and similar tournaments, as well as formal group challenges

- at night (Sat night) it's just for LARPers

- there will be plot deeper than the Ren Faire plot visible to the casual attendee, running over both weekends

- the setting and high-level plot is made more accessible to the public - using commonly known fairy tale characters, so let your imagination run wild there

: we want to be able to use this event as a recruitment ground for LARP, so come out and shine, even set up a booth!



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Sadly, those two weekends encompass Ragnarok, where somewhere between ten and twenty of us will be, so I cannot attend.


Anyone else who is interested in checking out a far less physical game style than KoN, you should attend this.

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The timing is unfortunate, but even if you cannot field a team, I am sure any of your warriors who happen to be able to attend will be welcomed by any of the competing Realms.


The web sites for the Silver Kingdom Festival and the Woldhaven Invitational have been updated with this year's competitions and rules. Please have a look!





We look forward to welcoming a great number of competitor for an exciting and lively event. Please pre-register your characters at


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