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Vincent McFathom

Best of May!

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You just want us all to acknowledge that you're a good Sexual Harassment Satyr, don't you?

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1) Seeing everyone again.

2) No rain!!!

3) Sy'Tel'Quessir running 5 strong for a change.

4) Theta, Zeta, and Pi; the hag sisters.

5) Zombees biggrin.gif

6) Working the logistics desk, Sat AM and having NPC's offer to run to the inn to buy me food.... thank you!

7) Watching the planning of the Princess in a Bottle plot and wishing I could do that on my PC shift.

8) Spending time with the Sentinels Sat Night.

9) Having enough firewood to get a decent fire going, even it it did attract the Mikenoids.

10) Having Nemis as a new group member rocks, he's definitely filling a void.

11) The Bazaar's new "fireplace" - thanks Jeremiah for donating an electric heater to our encampment on your second event. You rock!

12) Thank you to the Sat afternoon and night GM's for not robbing the Bazaar again this month.

13) Enchantment Master - achievement unlocked!

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I'm not going to make a top 10 or 20, but I will say this was a great event.


Saturday morning was rough only having 2 GMs, and extra NPCs to try to keep busy. I was REALLY happy with the effort I saw from the NPCs and equally as happy with the reports I got back about how the PCs handled things. Thank you to both sides!


Brian coming back with a goblin iron sword and a few of the other items he was looking for, made me very happy. I'm not sure if the NPCs or the PCs deserve the thanks on that one, so I'll just say a thanks to both.


Jordan and his crew of NPCs looking for a way to get rid of an orc lich came back with good progress as well. Excellent job there. Thanks guys.


The elven princess managed to hold her own after only about 20 seconds of background, despite having no less than 10 extremely veteran KoN players grilling her. I owe her an extra XP for a job very well done! Thank you.


It wouldn't be fair for me not to thank Lance and Tom for the inspiration and help with a little plot. For those that don't know, May 5th of this year was the 20th anniversary of the first ever Adventures in Mid-Land module, "Princess in a Bottle". It's been run every 10 years since then. This time it was my honor to run it and I was thrilled to see if go off so well. 2 and a half hours of plot gold!


There's a lot of PELs I'm hoping we see after this event, from both the PC side and the NPC side of things.


To Dave and Mike, I hope you both get better soon. It sucked seeing Dave partially out of commission. I'm sure he would have liked to have been more of a part of things this weekend. I hope you at least got some extra rest. I hope to hear Mike is doing well and that it's not a serious injury.


Thanks to everyone for what I'm calling a very successful event!

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aaah, May Event, you came and went too quickly ..


My favs:


-the bridal party girls at the Sentinel's cabin: wine, women and song... and the infamous "whirly-bird!"

-the mushroom people were annoying, but the accent was hilarious: "itsa me Mario!"

-Corbin eating the mushroom and trippin balls thru forrest as he swang feverishly at the air.

-the Sentinals and Gost making the best of a bad situation outisde the quarantine zone while the town was being infected with the Plague.

-getting a lead on a boss pair of boots.

-Loot !

-falling asleep to the melodious sounds of five men snoring..

-the late-night hordes of undead after many PCs went to bed.

-new friends, new clan.

-Waiting by the lake for an hour for a hook to play out was never so beautiful! best Larp weather, ever!

-Krillin the bald ! ... I mean Krilin the BOLD ! the Dell ! (dang, I wish I had some chest hair...)



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1. The Bridal Party. That was just too much fun, and the first NPC that I was really able to make a "character" out of.

2. The small Warden Plot. Blue haired Faekin with pig tails? Well...at least I didn't have a green beard! *wink wink Xicris* Thanks by the way

3. JC making it that quietly through the woods on a dark night. Well done!

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So many fun things happened this event. Lets see how my mind spews them out.


The Good

- Selling all of my "yeti boogers" to Ivan not five seconds after they were put out, then told to resell them as Ivan's Balls.


- Getting to take part in both the Unseelie and Seelie courts, and feeling aweful for the crap that Avelis and Rionia had to go through.


- Playing Suki the high dark fae - funnest NPC I've ever gotten to go out as.


- Watching a massive crowd slowly dance across the field for the fae wedding while I was working the Inn.


- Getting paid 25 coin to de-virginize Guile's NPC.


- Getting to have fun with both PCs and Innkeepers with the other Bacholarettes. Whirly Bird! Note: Artemis leaves bruises.


- Italian mushroom peoples!


- Being one of a trio of buzzers sending the PC's into a never ending field of bugs to fetch flowers.


- Having Xicris explain the details of the quest I sent him on as Suki, then memory lossing him and having him do it all over.





The Bad:

- Mike's poor knee. :( I hope it's okay and you're back on your feet, up and kicking, and all sorts of other "get better" phrases including things with legs and feet. :)


- Getting stepped on again. Lots of people stepped on, kicked and tripped this event it seemed.... :(








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So first: Thanks to everyone who helped out on Saturday with getting me back upright un-pretzeled by the beach. Also thank you for the many get well soon wishes.


Second first: Rich is correct, this was nothing major and will be fixed with ice, elevation, and rest for the next couple days (since the doctor confirmed today that nothing was busted).


Beyond this, I had a lot of fun, putting the hurt on GOST as super bandits with Randy & Andy, being a fire elemental and getting my merchant groove on again as Fox.


I'm pretty sure that Fox now equates out-of-town merchants being consumed by Kasvasks at dusk with mad lootz magically appearing for no discernible reason :)


Yay! I had a lot of fun, this event. :)

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* Out of character, getting ready for our 2nd PC shift. Alex says something loving about Curse, then, "I hit a Kasvak once. Then I hit it again. And it died." The glee in his voice was ... well. Nika's taking a new path, I think.

* So many people in really great moods! The playful atmosphere was great.


* Dying in the field because Jenica's brain said "Scott and Jimmy. Friends." while also forgetting that they weren't PCing that shift. Goddammit.

* Dying in the field but knowing that Narene walked out there with Temperance and he wouldn't leave without her.

* Sitting down next to Narene the next morning, alive, and not knowing what to say other than, "Thank you."

* Healing Riona (again), turning to Narene and saying, "I think we're back to even."

* Sidhan and Narene, elf-ing. Amusing, artful, and infuriating.

* Taking pictures Saturday afternoon. It was big fun watching everyone play their games, and I hope you enjoy the results. I got to see some things I wouldn't have, otherwise, and it was great.

* The Dren-otaur.

* The weather. Wow. Thanks, universe. That was lovely.

* So many happy fun engaged new people, Yay! All my other friends, Yay!

* I found some of the Logistics stuff that was missing, and now I no longer think we have thievery. I didn't like thinking we had thievery. I don't love that we're a pack of slobs, but that's better than thievery. :)

* My first sign-in as Logistics Marshal was not a complete clusterfuck. Yay Team Logistics!

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First, thank you to everyone who tended to Mike and for thinking to send Scotty to come get me. Mike has seen a doctor and everything is more or less where it should be, even if it's swollen and ugly. It's really a testament to the well oiled machine of C&S how quickly and efficiently this was handled. I can't express how grateful I am to everyone. (I think I was/am more upset than Michael that he was hurt, so I'll be the sappy one wink.gif.) Another thank you to everyone who helped pack mine and Mike's shit and lug it back to Syracuse. You are beautiful and we love you!


So, beside the injuries, I agree that this was a fantastic event. The weather was awesome, there were a lot of new and excited faces, a lot "new to me" mid-landers who brought a lot of fun with them (COME BACK!!), and a metric ass ton of fae. Who could ask for more?


HIgh points:


- Friday night in logistics. I felt good when I left and didn't hear I did a shit job, so I'll mark that as a win.

- Katie singing with her Ogre as we walk out to the climbing wall. "There was an old lady who swallowed a cat..." Too cute for words. laugh.gif

- Removing a "Maloik" from Zander and finding out OOC later that his junk's good luck returned! Told him so!

- Ivan's chocolate salty balls. Natural born salesman, that one.

- Spending 10 hours RPing with just about anyone and everyone I saw. Tally for the day was 2 dead orcs and 200,000 conversations. I like this math.

- Raine's is a baby daddy? What? I love this character!


Now I gotta sleep.





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It was great seeing my group members get personal plot, and being able to go along with them instead of always making them go along with my personal plots. Aurum had his time in the spotlight for a long time, and it's really great to see my friends finally get the plot love they deserve.


I really can't decide if I had more fun GMing or PCing. Both sides were a lot of fun, but in different ways.


Fighting the entire town was ridiculous. One of the most challenging encounters I've ever been in. Turns out the Fae were just trying to have a harmless wedding...but hey, charming all of my friends like the Pied Piper isn't cool! tongue.gif Fighting the town to save the town is something I hope I never have to do again...


Bandit Queen plot. Love it. Moar plz. That C-word is going down!


Trying to hook up Raines with one of the new girls. I don't know your name OOC, new girl, but I hope we didn't make you feel uncomfortable! We're called the Playboys for a reason.


Getting vomited on and then cursed. A wonderful plot with a great balance of RP and combat. Thank you.


5-card Charlie. I hope he comes back every month to play cards with us. Aurum is a horrible gambler and it's a lot of fun to throw coin away like that.


New people were great. So many talented people who are both good RPers and good fighters. Please, please come back. The game gets better and better the more you play.

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Oh man. I'm just going to put this out front as totally making my event awesome: Connor.

He had Zach and I laughing so hard we couldn't stand up. Priceless comedy.


I was pleasantly surprised to see so many new people and all the enthusiasm around this weekend's game. Thanks to everyone who came out and hope to see you all again in the future!

Some other things I enjoyed this weekend:


- Awesome weather! Best I've ever seen for an event, actually.


- Finding new ways to get Dren into trouble/shenanigans. I knew it was a bad idea, but I couldn't resist. Despite being cursed, he can now enjoy a full life with his elven wife. :)


- Fooooooooooood. I love breakfast @ the Oddfellows cabin :)


- Slaying the first horde of orcs with a 3-man team. Gotta love saturday-morning orcs. The a second horde when we were carrying a wounded ally across the field... then Octavius and I rolled through some Skaven at the beach. Kill count 20+ before breakfast. Yeaaaaahhhh. A-Team.


- Prime as a mushroom hitting Dren with a spore for Poison Stun. Oh irony. Remembering the whole "primal form" from earlier, poison immunity was gone and the result was face-planting into Prime's chest for a good 5 minutes. Primes are remarkably comfortable, for future reference.


- Casting Greater Command on undead wave at night... holy crap that's fun. Had a small army to fight with. The best part: when they fall, they get back up and keep fighting for ya!


- 4 Primal Slay!


- Had fun with some lead NPC roles and GMing this game. Doppelganger Dren. "Rick, go get your garb for Dren. We need a doppelganger. Only non-magic stuff." Reply: "Soooo...naked? Is that cool?" :P


- Blue fire! Wooo! Also, raver-fae. I wish Brett was around for that one.

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Right...well...in no real order...


- Were-Yebs...lots of fun, and the first time I was really surprised at what happened after a time-stop was called.


- The plague plot. Being the only infected PC willing to stay behind and enforce quarantine. Then, having to kill a Kasvac and two werewolves to defend the horde of infected NPCs (and one half-eaten NPC) alone and infected (infected=incurable curse, for those not involved). Then, when Aurum and co. returned with the cure, getting beaten down for staying behind...only to have him sort-of apologize after Jordan's inn NPC talked up the fight. He got a tip...though I still have no idea what that gem was worth.


- New people....new people with garb! Had a lot of fun with the new arrivals. Hopefully they'll all come back.


-Titus: "Raines, buy that man a woman." Lauren=25 coin richer.


-Raines has a baby? That's not slowing him down. Aurum seems to be encouraging him to breed an army of retainers for him.


-Personal plot...vague things I'd heard about before only in passing (Patrician of Painsville) and things I'm unaware of (42nd Legion, etc.) converge...also...Titus vs. Combat Master Jordan=fail. Now I have to figure out what to do with Wayne...


- 5-card Charlie...great fun, and my group always loves gamblers.


-DoppleDren...and Ivan's glee at being able to kill him.


-Finally ordering the Goblin Iron sword I've wanted since Bagmen became so popular...now I just have to live through the next few months of fae.

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Starting at no paticular favorite here they are:


Fae metaplot and getting involved with it. Tons of fun and awesome job npcs


The npcing of intelligant beings. I have a place in my heart for rp and for the love of god I could not find a better group of people who rp


The plague and picking the pocket of a farmer and searching him with a sword and finding nothing on him


5 card charlie enoigh said here


I know I have more but my brain refuses to work

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My first time PCing went splendidly! Everyone made it a lot of fun. My favorite parts were:


--Being a noble. Best 4 build I ever did spend.



--Telling those alarmed at my unarmed state that "The Sept will provide," and having it come true! Thank you, Goldwright!


--My visit to the Temple with Catalus & Co.


--Playing a drinking game with a Ribbon of Truth. Genius! Who came up with that?


--OOC: Everyone was super friendly and full of advice! And everybody who cheered me up when I was feeling grumpy was awesome. Y'all know who you are.


NPCing was great too. I really liked:


--Having Lauren paint my face!


--Being a ridiculous fey and not making any damn sense!



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High points:

Noob friendly plots for us! That ruled!

lots of very friendly experienced players keeping us alive and sticking with us when it got rough

People who looked at the body BEFORE they looted it. I've never been so afraid of losing my stuff to another member of my own group cause they weren't looking until someone else goes "wait, that's Haken.(-sigh-) Again."

The fae wedding was cool. FREE MONEY!!!! WOOO!!!!

Pacient GMs. Can't be any happier or grateful for that.

accidentally being over-looked while in the tavern and washing dishes durring the disease fiasco. FUNNY. "What just happened?" "I don't know, this guy just fell over after puking." TIME STOP -2 minutes later- "EVERYONE OUT!!!!!!"



low points:

rule breaking on our part. Honestly, none of it was intentional, and that's never an excuse, but I've had a very serious talk with my group about it, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was affected. please pm me if you would like to say something about it, as I am personally ensuring it does not happen again. EVER.

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rule breaking on our part. Honestly, none of it was intentional, and that's never an excuse, but I've had a very serious talk with my group about it, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was affected. please pm me if you would like to say something about it, as I am personally ensuring it does not happen again. EVER.


I won't speak for Rules or anyone else, and I don't know or care what specifically y'all did, but I know that we all break the rules accidentally from time to time. Even the Marshals. (Ask me about Banish, or Dave about Primal Form... we all have our "yeah, I'm a dirty rotten cheater" story.) It happens. What matters is the honesty of acknowledging it. Fix it, take responsibility for it, and we'll all move on.

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Yep, it happens. As long as no one permanently lost a PC, and it's not a regular occurrence, it's not a huge issue.

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The good:

  • Third and fourth shift we managed to get out some targeted backstory plots to the PCs, and it sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves. Write me some PELs, please!
  • The weather was amazing.
  • Midland visitors!
  • It was good to cook on the campfire again! We hadn't done that since December. Bacon, veggies, corn on the cob, and Richard's beef in marinade were awesome. Also, so much coffee made me so happy.
  • After Belladonna went down three times in ten minutes, we decided she really needed armor. Saturday I wore my new leather bodice, and she wore my chain. Belladonna stopped dying, and I felt pretty because I got a lot of nice compliments. :)
  • The 42nd Legion was great! It was nice to meet what was effectively another adventuring party of lost and confused Civenites - the home boys, and not a stab-you-in-the-back plot.
  • The Odds walked out to the Shrine of Draconis, sat down for a rest, only to get ambushed. It was fun, though! And I am so glad to be using more trails.
  • The Dell! I wish we'd been IC to hear about it.
  • Super-effective bog lurker twins!
  • Shining time for my faekin friends. I am enjoying the metaplot so far.

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This was a very exciting event at Novitas. Once again I had a great time with my fellow Lost Wolves Wolf and Richard.


Some things I really liked:

-First event ever as PC not getting rolled.

-Slaying a couple werewolves, which my PC thrives on backstory wise.

-being able to bunk with the oddfellows. You guys are always there for the Wolves and we greatly appreciate your hospitality.

-the weddiing plot and how the entire town went against Goldright.

-The NPC chase with Ambrose.

-Meeting the new players.

-the epic zombie battle at the friday night shift.

-hanging with the Sentinels 1st shift.

-Mike's "zombie barricade" tactic with the friday night zombie battle. very hilarious.

-The wolves effectively utilizing armor as a group this event.

-The glowing fae plot during Saturday night and schuyler's attempt to party with the faekin PCs.

-The mushroom plot Saturday night. Most interesting indeed.

-And of course the GLORIOUS WEATHER.



A couple of things I disliked though:

-Getting sick during this event.

-Mike injuring himself. Hope you get better dude.

-Spending the majority of 3rd shift as PC not doing anything. Don't really know what happened there but oh well.


Overall I had a great time and once again I want to thank all the People of Novitas for a job well done. Can't wait to see everyone again in June.



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1.) Alex and I: "Tra-la-la we're happy travelers in Pinedale at night! What's the worst that could happen?!" Kazvaks: *hearts omnomnom* That plot just went all kinds of hilariously wrong.


2.) Playing a zombified Buzzer at David H's delirious insistance (A.K.A. "Zom-BEES!"). BraaaaiinnnzzzzzZZZZzzzz! So many poor, conflicted PCs. Ambrose: "Aww... but... I don't wanna! So cute!"


3.) Sexual Harrassment Satyr. Way to make Alex feel super awkward, AJ. Couldn't act like boyfriend, 'cause Eliana's just Elrohir's associate. Still, HI-larious.


4.) So many PCs bringing legitimacy to Elrohir's investigation trade. Thanks for playing along, guys!


5.) Raines taking gullible Eliana upstairs to "show her a trick" with heavy suggestion. All he did was show Eliana a neat card trick, but they're the only ones who know that. (BTW Chris, if this ever gets back Eliana, I'm still gonna hafta smack ya. Fair warning. :P)


6.) Watching the charming fae wedding (even though Eliana had been mind-blanked by Elrohir merely because he didn't wish to skip with her - I'm convinced that's the real reason)


7.) Playing Jezzabel with Five Card Charlie and crew in the plague plot. Crying at a frequency only dogs can hear. "Is Five Card Charlie going to have to choke a bitch?!"


8.) Last but not least, AWESOME WEATHER! Way to recharge the batteries!

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My best.


-Our new recruit. Dan you fit right in both in and out of character.

-Fighting as a unit even when there is only a few of us. Wave after wave of undead and we kept going allowing others to take down the controllers.

-JC's fire elementals...that was hot!

-Getting to use my primal form necklace...twice. maybe someone heard me when I said there were never any elementals at night.

-Buying some stuff at the Bazaar and getting my merchant guild discount..Woot!

-Having bagmen run away from me...apparently they fear me.

-Conner was hilarious

-Having a good time with GoST....not letting any possible plague-infested ppl near us.

-Talking with Tom about Midlands and how this all came to be.

-Lance, Sara, and crew. Great to see them as always.

-Getting to play an orc shaman and having a fighter practice in the field of Giants. Hilarity insued. Then watching the tactics I taught the orcs/trolls get mostly thrown out the window as we all died. This is why orcs never live that long. Lucky for them they have a high fertility rate.

-Having an epic battle with the lost wolves and some others vs us (necromancers). It was a hard fought battle but they were well rewarded.

-Having power left over at the end of the night. How did that happen?

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  1. Awesome Weather! Woo!
  2. New marshals, same as the old marshals? I think seeing two vets slide more (different?) responsibility hats on this event went pretty well.
  3. Watching C&S be all "Red team go!" when Mike got hurt. I was pretty sure they were gonna merge together to form Voltron. Good work guys!
  4. Midlanders! Half a dozen faces I haven't seen in years and years. I hope they all had a blast.
  5. Juggling combat encounters, painting faces, finding props. It's like I've done this before!
  6. New people! In addition to the half a dozen Midlanders, we also had a half a dozen brand-new faces to the LARP. Well, maybe closer to four faces disregarding sibling resemblances, but whatevs. New people make grumpy old marshals happy!
  7. "Well, somehow we sent out all the loot, but we've got 90 minutes left in the shift. What can we do?.... ZOMBIES!"
  8. Waking up before noon! Woo! (Yes, this is something to be excited about, since last game I think I walked into game around 1 pm as Atticus)
  9. As always, hanging out with my party is just that, a party. We had a great time all day and all night and all day.
  10. Hmm, I don't know if this guy's lying to us or not. Bring out the Rhythm of truth! (uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss)
  11. Doin business, makin moneys. We -may- have offended a few people as well, but as long as it's in character it's cool, right?
  12. "Hey, I stole this princess in a bottle from an evil necromancer, and somehow I know exactly how to get her out too! You gotta set the bottle on the shrine of draconus for 5 minutes at 350, then move it to a cool Sept shrine for another 5 minutes, then race back to the Gazebo so you don't miss the 3:30 bus outta town" err, what?
  13. "Don't break that bottle, there's a demon in it!" (What's a demon?)
  14. Get to the gazebo at 2:30, after navigating around 16 NPCs who all wanted the widget we were carrying, somehow without fighting any of them.... Find out what time it is, and start swearing at the GMs.
  15. Elementals show up, Atticus calmly dodges balls of fire as he digs out his tome, rattles off a spell, and then wrecks house. Woo Primal Form!
  16. Bandits (or something) attack shortly before 3:30. Atticus picks up the bottle and dissipates, Ivan casts Shadowskin from his chair (lol) and negotiates. He tries to sell the bottle, then notices that it's not on the ground where he left it.
  17. As the bandits die, GM Rich walks over and replaces the bottle in my dissipated hand with an elvish princess. I drop the dissipate, my group looks at me and says "Aww what the hell, again!?" Apparently it's a theme where I get to snuggle up to NPC chicks, while my party kills things (and does a shitty job of out-looting Dren, apparently... ahem)
  18. My radio hasn't worked right all day, so a helpful NPC saunters over to tell me that the trees are crying, dryads in trouble. I look at Zander and tell him his girlfriend is in trouble, and we run out the door.
  19. Two dead dryads, a Djinn, and another dryad curled up in a ball crying. I bend over to make one of the corpses look presentable, and when I look up someone had unceremoniously dumped the other dead dryad nearby. D'oh! We left Zander there all night. Silly bastard!
  20. Twins! What can we use these for... I know, TWIN BOG LURKERS! ROFLS!
  21. "Hmm, I have all this loot from the Oddfellows, what can I make them do that's morally questionable, but would amuse the high fae who wound up with all their loots?" ... "OK, they gotta kill these two happy-shiny merchants!" So I send out a hook to find them and tell them what's up, and 20 minutes later I send out my merchants. Somehow they arrive in the opposite order. Odds do business with merchants, then send merchants on their happy way. Badguy hook finds Oddfellows, tells them they must do this dirty deed to get their loot back, and then he waits. Odds open door, see kazvaks chowing down on the two merchants. My bad guy looks at that scene, then back at the oddfellows, and says "I don't know how you pulled that off, but good work". Poof. IF THERE'S A WAY A GM'S PLANS CAN GO AWRY, THEY WILL.
  22. Cape! Cape! I have a Cape! Zooooom!
  23. Everybody at the LARP continues to impress me with their improvement and excitement. Keep it up everyone! Woo!

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In no real order!


- The Weather! A little cool Saturday Night, but other then that it was fantastic.

- Zombie horde Friday Night. It's been a long time since we had one of those.

- RP with the Playboys. So many laughs and fun little moments.

- Titus loosing a duel and then ASKING to be corrupted into a less honorable man. Oh boy.

- Fae plots! I love the sheer number of RP based fae plots are running around.

- The looks on the faces of the Brave Companions as I hook them for the "Princess in a Bottle" plot.

- Getting to RP Friday Night all night as NPCs. The only fighting that happened on anything I went out on was the zombie horde.

- Getting to, with one action, show how ruthless Modis is at times. "Sometimes you need to cut the dead flesh out. Those bandits stopping us? They are the dead flesh."

- Twice I got to be the hero with tag bags. First to stop a rampaging beast, the second healing the man that was fighting the plague, keeping him standing long enough to finish, and then to bring him back.

- Zom-bees!

- OMG, awesome new folks! Seeing new faces, both IC and OOC, is always a good thing.

- Being down two combaty types in the Playboys and bringing Angus along to help fill in. It was nice having another hired hand along that Modis got along with.

- François! I love doing silly accents as NPCs, especially when the purpose of the plot is to entertain.

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1. Getting to game before shifts starts

2. Getting my new belt, oooh so pretty

3. Goofing around with Tammy in the bathroom while putting on the baby padding

4. Ambrose "I think I hear Riona down that path with orcs." Bella "No Ambrose, all I hear are orcs." We walk down trail any ways and there is Riona dressed as an orc...oops

5. Twin power Boglurkers, "I think he's over there, no, there, wait I think there are two of them...how are they circling and finding each other like that in the dark!?"

6. Getting up early and getting coffee, which I was still drinking at orc-thirty

7. Oddfellow breakfast

8. Taking the Oddfellow path to the Shrine of Darconis walking and talking and enjoying the woods, just settling in to relax on a stump, and getting caught off guard by bandits

9. Kicking those bandits butts and getting Sophia back up, first time I ever returned that favor

10. Atticus says "When are you due?" And touches the belly. I heard him say "What did you due?" And think about yelling for about two seconds before I he repeats what he actually said.

11. Oddfellow lunch, yum

12. Having plots ready for this game, running most of them, and still NPCing for other people

13. Fur trading Dellins "Who wants to buy something from my harry sack!"

14. Bending the truth to a PC trying to get him to do what I want and then lecturing him latter on being a good person

15. Trowing fists full of coin out of thin air to the town at the Fae wedding

16. Playing with the plague ooze in logistics before the plot went out and wishing we had a tub to cover a whole person with

17. New players hanging in till all hours of the night with giant smiles on there face

18. Old and new players all chipping in and making clean up quick and easy

19. Taking Mike's stuff back to his house and chillin' for a bit with the Odds "Rage ---"

20. Hearing that Mike is doing better :)

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