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Renaissance Battle Day [8.20.11]

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date: August 20th, 2011

time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm [or later]

location: Ninety-Three Coffee House [7124 Canterbury Hill Road, Rome NY 13440]


Planned battles, will happen depending on time:

  • meat grinder (warm up)
  • fort points battle (timed battle, with point to the side holding the fort)
  • Queen's Championship Tournament (adult tournament, open to anyone)
  • Kingdom's Youth Championship Tournament (child's tournament, open to all children who wish to take part)
  • resurrection battle
  • bridge battle


I know Dave has plans on vending at a new medieval faire out in Watertown. Figured I would post the information for anyone that might be looking for something to do that isn't going with Dave. If not, then perhaps next Sunday for the Beardslee Castle Medieval Faire, which I will post that information later in the week.


Queen's Championship:

Yearly, the Kingdom of Newgarrd holds a one on one tournament.. in which the winner is declared the Champion of the Queen of Newgarrd. This person is the defender and protector of the Queen, and is noted by a hip favor that is passed on yearly.. in which the Champion defends their title and position. This has been opened to anyone who wishes to participate, and is not mandatory.


Youth Championship:

Obviously, this is more based for children.. and just something to make them feel apart of things in general.


Other information:

We are planning on doing a cook out as well, as the battles will be taken place.. if not ending around the times in which most people eat. Therefore, we are asking for anyone planning to attend to bring something to share. Hamburger, hotdogs and gatorade will be provided. We are also asking for perhaps a small donation of a $1.00 to provide to Ninety-Three for allowing us the use of the grounds and building.

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why so late in the day? :( if you guys were doing it 10-5 like the original one you guys were planning. I hope it turns out well.

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Its what the owner of the Coffee House asked us to do. And by us moving it to later in the day, people are able to do other things they had planned on doing as well.. and then come hang out. There is no charge for us using it at the times listed, hence why we are looking to just get a donation in general for allowing us to still be there and use the site.. even if its mainly outside, and inside for either drinks or bathroom.

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