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Ok time to share the fun!! What are your top 10, 20 however many!


(Will post mine after shower :P)

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Ok, I will go first and try to go chronologically;

Friday night being a wight in plate armor and rolling the bazaar was awesome. I have discovered the joy of calling no effect and monstrous plate.

Discovering that I do in fact like plate armor and I can function in it.

Being chased by an imp with tag bags until I signed up for the fight tournament was fun.

being part of the fae ritual and then seeing avelis strung out on faebies cure.

I was extremely fortunate to be given a gift by giovanni and another one by shen, both saved my life repeatedly.

Running the bag of tricks plot is always a good time. This one was no exception.

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Top...whatever I remember.


1. Making it to game!

2. Awesome battle/rp fae plot with GoST. NPCs that were involved you guys were awesome. GoST you guys are good diplomats...maybe next time convergence wont save you. :P

3. Giving Octavius spark back (in the above scenario) so that the PCs would dispel the fae circle. They didn't keep up their end of the bargain...but it was great rp.

4. Logistics running smoothly and staying empty of NPCs.

5. Food...yummy!

6. My little tony and the fear it causes in undead. Lolz

7. Someone setting up the graveyard. Thank you!

8. Falling as a bagman and being able to get back up and keep swinging.

9. Scott Chapin putting the fae cure up his nose....hilarious if not slightly disturbing.

10. Vincent performed a wedding. Well done.

11. Falco the Bard.

12. Taking down a wraith by myself. Shadowskin/Wraithbane are my friends. Heard the wraith call reap spirit like 4 times. My initial reaction I thought it had reaped 3-4 people. I was like huh. Finding out later that it tried to reap someone that was grounded.



The bees sucked. Not getting stung was a plus.

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First and foremost, thank you to everyone for working hard and making this event great! It was great to see everyone and get lots of hugs! Also a very special thank you to a few people who helped me out this weekend, you know who you are and you know your the best!


Not in any order


-Coming into town after Riona being gone a few months, a stern talking to by Narene, and lots of hugs

-Finding out a few reasons as to why Avelis is crazy, well more so then we thought. I had a great time listing to to his memories.

-Finding out the ritual had been found and that we had most of the components! getting all the bits and bits togerther and the ritual going off without issues!

-The thing on the list that you would think would be the easier to find, was the most challenging, and the last to be found. Chalk. I think I am going to get some chalk and keep it in Riona's kit now.

-It was really cool to see everyone turn out to help for the ritual, there were alot of great little moments where the town came together.

-Archery contest was alot of fun!

-Food! Than you everyone for making and bringing all kinds of yummy things to eat!

-Getting to play the evil enchantress who had enthralled a bunch of boys! I really like playing a snarky bitch...

-The random bunch of farmers who wanted the cure from the inquisitor so they could try to kill him for the reward, and got killed for being poor, :(

-Getting to play Willow is always neat because she is so different from me or Riona, very timid and always needing help, or to be saved. She will be back to being a Dryad soon :) Atticus conducting the wedding for Zander and Willow was very sweet, and Willow was very happy and surprised. She also made a new friend, Lilly. Now to see who tried to kill her first, Ivan or Baldissere....

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-The random bunch of farmers who wanted the cure from the inquisitor so they could try to kill him for the reward, and got killed for being poor, :(


They didn't get killed for being poor, they were killed for throwing acid at people. Really, if they were that poor they should have sold the acid they were carrying around. It was probably worth more than the bounty. :)

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They didn't get killed for being poor, they were killed for throwing acid at people. Really, if they were that poor they should have sold the acid they were carrying around. It was probably worth more than the bounty. :)



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The events keep getting better and better. :)




1. Making master resto in this event! I WILL HEAL ALL OF THE THINGS! >:D

2. Playing a tone-deaf Vleanoan Gregorian chanter and successfully boring people by my mere existence.

3. Being part of a group of darkness worshipers that managed to surprise and make the Playboys fall back and regroup.

4. Realizing that in the above encounter, the Playboys hadn't even been hooked, but were exploring when they came upon the encounter. Way to show initiative! Do feel bad for the Sentinels who did get the hook and came all too late to the party.

5. Watching the fighter tournament, even though Eliana finds it odd that people would celebrate a harvest by showing how well they could kill one another. Good show, everyone!

6. Elrohir making serious profits from all of the accumulated stock thanks to higher-than-usual PCs in a shift.

7. Elrohir doing pretty decently in the archery tournament.

8. Sidhan's elven creation story. As a person who still feels pretty new sometimes and with a world book still in the works, it's nice to hear something official about the world.

9. Watching the ritual to cure the fae pleague. A very beautiful job to all involved. :)

10. Yummy inn food and fantastic service. Good on all of the staff across all shifts. :)

11. Feeling much more secure with wands of Sanctuary and Slaying Swarm on us.

12. Being able to carry on mature, adult exchanges about potentially tense situations OOG. I'm glad that people are willing to talk things out treat one another with respect in virtually all circumstances. Who wants drama in their escapism?

13. People trippin' balls on Dellan mushrooms -- although Birch didn't seem much different, the naked hippie. :P

14. Lecturing Zacharias AGAIN about doing stupid things that require Eliana's healing energy.

15. Eliana: "Crimsonhawk is acting weird." Elrohir: "No, he's happy." Eliana: "That's happy?" Elrohir: "For an elf." Eliana: "You got a point." Elrohir: *spikes Crimsonhawk's drink with purify spirit* Crimsonhawk:*sip* Awww.... nuts...

16. Later catching folks all tripping on the mushrooms while Chinese finger-trapped together. Eliana was disappoint.

17. Managing to convince Raines to use his "lengthy rod of charm" on a dude instead of her. >.>

18. Being responsible for guarding folk in front of the inn as well as blocking the inn door with the wand of sanctuary, and failing at that when an undead got too close and dropped Donna, only to heal her and then set off a successful sanctuary.

19. Getting legit worried when Elrohir went off on his own with a party and didn't come back for a while. Searching the back trails with Blagar for him. Thanks for caring, Blueberry. :)

20. Getting downed in the inn by the sniper bog lurker after marching in to yell at a farmer, getting panacea'd, and returning in a worse mood.

21. Elrohir actually giving Eliana a vague compliment. She might actually stay a little while because he's being a little warmer to her.

22. Generally feeling like more friends are being made IC and OOC.

23. Being born as a fully formed pixie from Neecy's pregnant nymph in the mushroom sanctuary. Dancing, singing, and acting childish while GoST got beat on pretty badly by the forces of darkness that wanted me and the nymph dead. Bill's NPC: REAP SPIRIT! Octavius *whines* Again...

24. Immediately switching gears to reprise my role as The Most Legit Chilling Banshee only with a resolution this time: my beloved (Naymith) was a vampire stalking the hook, Neecy, and GoST was able to lay him to rest, thereby putting my banshee to rest, too. It sucked that that encounter had to be significantly dumbed down because of the No Screaming 10:00 curfew that some people weren't aware of, but it still went very well besides.

25. Trying out being a wraith for the first time. Now I know the value of being sneaky, and I'll practice that in the future.

26. Teamwork in getting things situated as we packed up at the end of the event. Good job everybody!


See you all in November!

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BEST. THING. EVER. Thanks for the laugh, Dan. :)


[ETA: Still giggling. You put a little flower wreath on her head.]

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* starburst! Thanks, Dan. :P


* Seeing all the goodwill and happy energy people put into moving the shed, in the hot sun after a long weekend.


* Arriving late to game to find sign-in up and running. I have an awesome Second, and we have a great staff. I say this every event, but the fact that the Marshals, the staff, and the players are all so willing to help do the not-fun stuff that keeps the game going makes me happy and proud. You guys rock. XPs will be assigned at sign in next month. :)


* Figuring out a few more pieces of who Temperance is, and then having the game present me with opportunities to act on it.


* Narene, asking to hold Temperance's hand because being a Medium is cold and draining work. Nice touch.


* Looking for Sidhan, unsure if he was ninja-ing or dead. Ran into McFathom, explained. Said "I found his shield right there", and the General, without missing a beat, says, "We'll check the brushline. And there's movement over there. Start there. Csrefully." Oh, look, dead Sidhan.


* The band of bad guys trying to sucker me into healing them while I stood 20 feet away, in the dark, with an uncapped dissipate potion in my hand. Followed by dropping said dissipate to scream "HEEEELP" at the top of my lungs after they Dispelled and killed Sidhan.


* An NPC (prime?) saying "I'll give you that one" as I stumbled over my very fast Dissipate incant to throw it back up again. :D


* Avelis! Now I'm surrounded by not only elves, but every single one of them is at least twice my age. *grumble*


* ....a point which has confused at least one member of the town. "Are you Sidhan's companion? I thought you were an elf." *grumble*


* Wait. Kissing the monkey-man actually worked? The guy really just DID need a female druid to kiss his friend to break the curse? It wasn't a trick? Holy... crap. That NEVER happens.


* Storytime and snacks! The game's history is well-written, and a good story. And Novitas should have a rich oral history per the level of literacy in that kind of environment, so it's awesome to get stories told aloud. I loved how many people sat and listened, too. Rock on, y'all. (Nearly swallowing a bee when one went swimming in my bottle of gatorade was not so rocking, but mildly terrifying.)


* NPCing! That was fun. I forget how much fun it is when I get wrapped up in doing Logistics.


* Little stuff from players: Alex RPing El to make sure to include Eliana in a plot's wrap up. Amanda's willingness to paint, repaint, wash, and repaint her face as an NPC. Denise as The NPC Who Gives Birth. Avelis returning to his roots and poisoning the Inn with the fae cure. The enthusiasm of Boglurker Guy whose name I can't remember. Tony as the Bag Of Tricks ringmaster. Leslie RPing a pep talk to Lily about the value of people who can pour potions down your throat. The Inquisitor curing every NPC he encountered. Good stuff. :)


* "Hey, that fae cure tastes yummy. Can I have more?"

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They didn't get killed for being poor, they were killed for throwing acid at people. Really, if they were that poor they should have sold the acid they were carrying around. It was probably worth more than the bounty. :)




I didn't get killed. People purchased me peanut butter pork and allowed me to give them a bad case of pity-itus. :)

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The Good:


-Getting to meet more great people this weekend.

-Fantastic weather, and bright, clear nights.

-Nick the bog lurker, returning to logistics wearing a T-shirt. "They SKINNED me...." I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

-Playing a Darkness worshipper out to steal a vial of fae cure. Too many details to list, but we had lots of fun that encounter trying to lure people out of town to steal some. Snatch-N-RUN! I was totally expecting to just walk into town, demand some cure, then get ganked. "But we have A WHOLE POT of cure!" Oh, reeeaaaaally..... And also leading the PCs into an ambush while they were attacking orcs.

-Working the inn during the festival. It was kind of like work, but kind of not like work. I really enjoyed it.

-Tom playing the jealous ex-fiance of Azgar's new bride.

-Getting to try out new monsters. Playing a seriously buffed, albeit slightly gimped, undead ogre.

-The bright moon lighting up some great night battles in the field.

- ^^ Dan's post, above. absolutely hysterical.


The Bad:

-Arriving too late Friday night to really do anything. So I just bunked out, but then couldn't sleep.

-Carrying a table on my back halfway across Pinedale..."it should be light enough to get by yourself..." it really wasn't, but that didn't stop me from trying. But I shouldn't have.

-Stepping in a hole and twisting my ankle during the first encounter of 4th shift, rendering me basically useless for the rest of the game.

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In no real order!


- Buddy Healer! Modis found a kindred spirit and a new friend. It's nice when two PCs just click and get each other.


- Finding a shit-ton of coin on Friday night and leaving the game on Saturday broke as a joke. I love tossing around coin like a drunken rock star.


- Sidhan's Story Time (we have cookies!). While I didn't listen to it, the idea was fantastic. I love the little details like that.


- Temprance's little bitch-fest at the people who where trapped in the Inn by a Wraith. FINALLY she shows something other then guarded friendliness.


- Reviving Crimsonhawk more times then I care to think about. "You know, Lord Crimsonhawk, we have to stop meeting like this."


- The Fighter's Circle. Getting a laugh out of the town for swaggering in there with such a massive disadvantage and then putting on a pretty good showing. The Doctor can fight. He'd just rather not.


- Darkness worshipers on Friday night. I love a good rumble, especially when we get one that's not expected. Randomly found a group of NPCs while out for a walk and bit off more then we could chew at first. Thankfully Angus is a fast runner in his armor and got help.


- Orcs! Those orcs and the damn drum made us work for it. Good fight though and a lot of fun.


- Going out as a bog lurker on Shift 4 and managing to scare the living crap out of a group of other NPCs out on the same plot. I saw light and heard talking as I was finishing up set up. Sorry for that, guys!


- Elven sociopath. Nothing says a good time like a crazy elven noble and his guards caught in a quandary. Going from a screaming out insults and threats outside the inn, to calm, cold, collected and logical once I had people's attention, dishing out threats, lies, and truth in equal measure to get my way. The icing on the cake was the look on Rosalia's face when she realized exactly how crazy he was.


- Dan's post above which almost made me fall off my couch laughing.


- Getting a wounded bagman to run away by making it think I was a harder target then I actually was.


- And again going with the flow and buying something at sign in with my build points that is immediately helpful that event.


The Bad:


- What the hell happened to my NPC shift? Where did the time go?!


- Showing up a little late. I hate that.

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Thanks for the photos and videos Jenica. They're up there on my list of good things from the weekend.

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1. Project Shed completed. Good job Jordan.

2. Weather. That is all.

3. People buy stuff from me. Thanks!

4. My Little Tony. I win at GMing.

5. Oh shit, Dan put his gambeson on.

6. Finally, a new guy that's not a huge pussy and will wear my armor for more than an hour. Huzzah!

7. I know who the Brave Companions are recruiting next. See #6 above.

8. I win at archery. Again.

9. PCing is fun. Many things died.

10. Bonehewer, the Spear of the Merling King. Great javelin is great!

11. Stupid inquisitor is stupid. I said I'd kill them.

12. Traditional Gershan Harvest Game, anyone?

13. I spend no power at Convergence, and have Aura of Reflection, Poison Immunity, Improved Magic Armor, Anti-Magic Shield, and Spirit Shield. Spellstore much?

14. Weather, again.

15. Competent staffpeople are competent. I like them.

16. New winingas. None of you noticed them, but I'm happy.

17. 2000 coin is the number. Good. Related: holy shite I'm rich.

18. The Inn's back where it belongs. Great success!

19. Oh good Jaiquan, you're here. We may need someone to jump or something.

20. Blueberry pancakes.

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In no particular order--



  • The weather was fantastic - couldn't have asked for anything better.

  • Not getting gigantic bruises on my arms, thanks to a combination of padded sleeves and only wearing my armor for 1 shift.

  • Having a lot of fun with my Inn-PC and working the Inn in general. Cooking with Diana is fun. =)

  • Bog Lurkers = Inn Stabbers

  • Really being able to get into character with Vany'a.

  • Gershen finger traps!

  • Eating a "Piscean Eye" to appease the cute little imp at the Fighter's Tournament - and liking it.

  • Serious talks with Narene.

  • Apparently 'elf' is now a verb. "Ignore them, they're just elfing". I approve highly.

  • Selling/trading all my wine, then being offered multiple times my asking price to sell the bottles she was holding for Raines and Sidhan. 40 coin a bottle? >_O Tempting....

  • One of those bottles being traded to J's character Yogi (which I love, btw) for a dragon necklace that Vany'a is absolutely in love with.

  • IC the bog lurker who kept surprising Vany'a and Ith while we were making a fire was annoying - OOC I thought it was hilarious.

  • Fae Cure Ritual.
    Crystal flower? SURE!
    Gem the size of my head? No problem!
    Chalk? Woah woah woah...


  • Playing a "Lady Bush" ooze with Annabelle. Making terrible sputtering noises for a good five minutes while the Brave Companions poked and prodded for hilarity's sake.

  • NPC'ing Yebs - getting 3 players in our Pit Trap, then have one jump back in to search for loots.


  • The new shed rocks, everything fits so nicely - and it'l make set up / clean up that much faster!


  • And of course, seeing all you crazy crazy people again. ;3

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Vany'a: "Where did this eye come from?"

Imp: "It was in a big bag! We got it from Wal-Mart."

Vany'a: /facepalm

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1. Tammy, as the sociopath compulsionist. Damn good job playing the bitch!


2. Asking Zander why he had a cock on his shield.

Scotty: "Dave made the shield"

Me: "No, I'm asking you in character, why do you have a cock drawn on your shield?"

Zander: "It's a family symbol".


3. Bag'o tricks. That was tons of fun.


4. Puppet weed! So sad, but enjoyable none the less.


5. Melina and Raines. It's a festival and an all PC shift. How could that not happen?


6. Melina and Raines. The best part about our characters going off to have sex, is that we went to the Confirmation lodge, dropped character, and Chris (Raines) somehow ends up getting a kiss from my actual boyfriend.


7. Bending over a body, about ready to cast "Heal Mortal wound", when a Shade (Kevin) is telling me, over and over to "Kill Him". I stayed there mumbling half an incant for awhile, getting more and more frantic, and finally turned around and screamed at the shade to stop it. It's fun playing up the horror and fear of just starting to hear the dead.

7.1 kudos to those around me who did a great job pretending they didn't hear him.

7.2 Kudos to Kevin, playing a creepy fuck.



Studying to do. I'll think of more later.

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In the order that I remember stuff in....


- The very, very difficult encounter by the old props shed. It was so insanely epic and I've never felt more heroic IC then I did in that fight. The real reward wasn't the coin or magic items at all, it was a truly intense encounter.


- Right after the epic encounter above, we end up fighting wraiths and all kinds of various undead for the rest of the night. Most. Epic. Shift. Ever.


- The Gershian Finger Traps! I hope everyone enjoyed them. It's so Raines.


- Getting to see all the PCs at one time. The only downside is that there are so many people to talk to that not even second shift is long enough. =(


- Raines "Tell me the answer to the riddle?"

Melina "No, what will you give me?"

Raines "Pleasure?"

Melina "Deal."


- Being a Poker Dealer for an hour or so was a lot of fun.

Raines "So, you like potatoes?"

Nellawhen(sp?) "Yes!"

Raines "Me too, we should probably have sex."


- Meeting Yoji, Nellawhen(sp?) and actually seeing Olov instead of just forum RP. Welcome to game guys.


- Getting the 'goods' from Yoji. Raines will use it only for good.


- Double Ribbon Truth or Truth because the Playboys do things big.


- Personal plot always makes me smile. Thank you very much! Hopefully, the baby will be safe now. =P


- Becoming a Weapon Master =D =D =D


- Seeing everyone and the lawls that always occur.


- Hearing that people really enjoyed the plots that I wrote.


- Honestly, the best event that I've had!


I will probably remember more later.

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- My little Tony. My notes in the logistics folder included a big "WTF".


- Feeling confident enough to start up sign-in before Jenica got in. I was so glad Dave M. was there to lean on when I needed a bit of guidance. Katie and Dan jumped in and took on character sheet check, item check in, and production even though the pre-production hadn't arrived yet. The teamwork and "make it work" attitude was awesome. We have some damn fine staff. biggrin.gif


- Big smiles from the Inn staff when I brought them all the groceries I'd intended to cook/eat at the Oddcrossing fire.

Me - "I have cornbread and cider for you. Oh, and can you do something with mushrooms and more bacon?"

Staffer - "I'm sure we can figure something out."


- Pushing around a guy in lorica. Chris, you're a good sport. I kind of loved shouting at you. Also, you want MORE babies with this girl? YOU CRAZY. blink.gif


- Heather and Jordan playing tree-hugging hippies. You did a great job! Jordan looked cold though. wink.gif


- Gershan Harvest Festival games. I think I knew what was coming, but Dave was a whole lot faster than me.


- Hanging out with the BCs was really fun. Things were killed, apples and pumpkins were thrown, posion was thrown, bog lurkers were skinned, people got hitched, and good times were had. Never a dull moment. smile.gif


- Teasing Avelis about his long story and suggesting that he spend the winter telling me or give me the condensed version. Agatha is old. Time is precious,


- Shoulda left him in the hole. You know who I'm talking about. wink.gif

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PC awesome moments:


1) RITUAL! Save the fae, save the world. I hope I made it a great performance everyone! Finally got to really flex my ritualist muscles in an important way.

2) Entering a new stage in the emotional arc between Riona and Xicris. Great RP Tammy!

3) Almost all the faekin walking together around town Friday night, bonded together by the plague crisis and eagerly awaiting the dawn. Great anticipation.

4) Making peace with the Inquisitor.

5) Cethin (sp?) telling the Story of the Ages "as it is taught to the children of the people." CAN I HAVE STORYTIME PLEZ? Seriously, great storytelling JC.

6) Realizing that I didn't have CHALK!!! Bad ritualist...but wait, everything's okay. HOORAY!

7) Psycho Avelis.

8) Doctor with Dagger vs. Longblade. First hit...DOCTOR???

9) Knife fight between Dren and Cethin during the fighter tournament.

10) Playing the drum during the tournament. Hope I carried a tune.

11) IMPS! Adorable IMPS!

12) TERRIFIED friday night as people got continually reaped. Was sure someone would run out of revives eventually.

13) Orcs charging across the field and the town lining up to take them on. It was like the prologue in Lord of the Rings.

14) Level 40.

15) Not having to put on my green racial makeup OR my armor on shift 2. "Oh...so THIS is what having simple garb feels like..."

16) Our new cabin.


NPC golden moments:

1) Bog lurker Nick walks back into logistics in shorts, tee shirt, and lurker hood. JC: "Did they SKIN YOU?" Nick: *nods* LAUGHTER!

2) Me as Bagman vs. Octavius. Octavius smacks me with his sword for BANISH! Octavius walks off, comes back with Dren. 3...2...1...POISONPOISONPOISNPOISONPOISONPOISNPOISONPOISONPOISN *eerfff..thud*

3) 5 Farmers bounty hunting for the Inquisitor. Encounter GoST and entering logical reasoning with Jankawitz (and listing as Steve tries valiantly not to slip into our southern accents).

4) Said farmers make a deal that if they can successfully blunt down Octavius, they could have him to help hunt the Inquisitor. Needless to say, we lost.

5) Recovering Anne's memories. Great acting from Anne!

6) NEW SHED! Setup and breakdown is going to be a BREEZE from now on.


EDIT: Can't wait for pictures!

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- Raines "Tell me the answer to the riddle?"

Melina "No, what will you give me?"

Raines "Pleasure?"

Melina "Deal."



I recall asking for payment in return for the answer, giving it to you for free, and then asking for payment (really a donation at that point) by pointing to my cabin and discussing who's on top. Your incorrect memory of events makes Raines sound like some kind of Prostitute, and that's just silly. :P

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