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Ragnarok 28 (2013) Fight list!

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Location: The Meadow (Lower Field by the Pond)


Fights will consist of silly, fun style games that you may or may not have done at your home realms. Kill Your Killers, Cut Throat, Orc Pits, Ever-mores, Tree of Life, and more.




Location: The Woods Area


4-Hour Control Point Battle

2 teams will fight over 7 points in a constant touch and go rez scenario. The fight will take place over 4 hours. Fighters are expected to leave the battle, take breaks, and return over the course of the day. Time will be recorded at each point while your team holds it, which will be calculated at the end of the day for an overall winner.




Location: The Woods Area


The Battle Under the Trees (Mirkwood versus)

Mirkwood will assemble to fight against the evil Minions of Sauron, pushing them out of their woods and destroying the ruins of Dul Guldur. The odds are against them. Can Mirkwood prevail? (Non-Mirkwoodians are encouraged to dress in their most evil attire.)



Poison Mushrooms in the woods.

2 teams will go hunting for “Mushrooms” in the woods. Upon capture, they must then take their poisonous booty and sneak towards their enemy’s ponds. The team that gets the most mushrooms into their enemy’s ponds wins after time called.



4 Corners

4 Teams will gather in each corner of a rectangular field. They will charge in as a team, die, and then be rezzed as a whole team at the Heralds' discretion. Will repeat over and over.





Location: Main Top Field


Labyrinth King of the Hill

3 teams will fight towards the center of connecting concentric circles from their rez points. Upon gaining control of the center, time will be recorded until they are pushed out.



Urban Assault

3 teams will fight inside a series of small obstacles and terrain, fighting for a certain objective while protecting their own.



The Battle Behind the Walls/ Eryndor’s Final Battle

Set in the city of Hithdor, two teams will battle to gain control of the city, fighting for the faith of Eryndor over five holy points.





Three Team Capture the Flag in the Woods

Location: Woods

Everyone’s favorite Thursday Afternoon delight. Should go on for hours.



Tournaments By Squire Ducky McFeelgood

Location: Lower Field by Bath House


(Times may vary. Show up early for sign up or the case that your tournament starts early. All tournaments cap at 32 entries. No flails allowed)


Archery Versus 12:00 pm

Archery Precision 12:15 pm

Spear Versus 12:30 pm

Red Versus 12:45

Single Blue 1

Florentine 1:30

Sword and Board 2

Wargod 2:30


Team Tourneys will start at 3pm. They will be 3v3 and 7v7, open equipment and gear.





Location: Main Top Field


Dagor Dagororth

The big event. Where you put your honor, your glory, and your might on display for all to see. Prove your group is the best in Dagorhir during this Battle of Battles.




The Crown Fight: Siege of the King in his Castle

King Jerkulese has reigned over the Dagorhirm for a year. And he has settled into the great castle Snow Wall. Many have come to pledge their fealty to him. Many would rather see his head on a spike.


Those loyal to the king have heard word of those who wish to take his crown, and have locked themselves away in their castle. Will the armies march against the king? Will the king survive? Only time will tell.



The Big Pylon Battle

Set on a field that provides opportunities for line fighting, skirmishing and bridge fighting, two teams will battle over multiple objectives to score points. Knocking over the opposing teams pylon will grant one point, capturing the opposing teams flag will grant three points. The first team to ten points wins.





Location: Top Field


2 Team Non Rez Battles

Your typical “Kill Them, Don’t Die.” Fighters are expected to gather to their sides quickly so more fights can happen, and to take short breaks while dead for water. Heralds will balance teams as need be. May involve the castle or other set ups.

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