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Olov Sebastev

Best and Funniest Moments of October

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Well, I haven't had a chance to post one of these in a while.



+ Being able to make it to game was fan-friggin-tastic. You all have no idea how much I missed ya.

+ Finding out I didn't forget how to fight in the interim was nice too. Giving four people lycanthropy this weekend and dropping eight or nine pc's on various roles was a good time.

+ All of the new folks, to quote one of my favorite books, "They're as cute and eager as a litter of collie pups." There is a huge amount of energy and ambition among you all. I'm glad I finally got to see it for myself. I'm looking forward to see you maturing into your characters in the coming months.

+ So, new siege wall was really cool. We had a very effective bandit fight there even with a lack of communication with when exactly our ambusher was supposed to ambush.

+ Being a peasant who got paid to find Raines and bring him to finish the Bandit Queen plot was great. Poor guy had to leave the lady who had been tormenting him in order to deal with the other lady who had been tormenting him. Then when he and Angus are about to wander off into the darkness with a peasant towards a certain fight with no back-up because the peasant has been told he can only show them where the fight is, Titus again shows his pragmatism. "Have you offered him money?" Turns out they hadn't. So I walked away with 98 coin and they walked away with an excellent conclusion to their plot.

+ The Harvest Festival was a pretty good time too. I got to finally show of MK's excellent work on my eye burningly bright tunic and doublet. Corado is a character I've had kicking around in my mind for a while now and it was fun to finally give him a go.

+ The instant rapport between Sylas and Corado. We were able to discuss our distinct professions almost entirely in innuendo and double-speak.

+ Corado realizing that Balder and Grog are a committed couple and feeling bad about offending them. Further realizing that every PC I discussed it with already suspected the two were in the running for "Cutest Couple in Pinedale". It's really sweet that Grog found love outside of the Tribelands.

+ Holy crap there's a playground! Bag'O'Tricks totally took over that place. Golden Lance led the PC's to his "Tower of Solitude" where orcs had taken over. Best part, besides Brett's wondrous wig, was Waaaaaagh'ing down the slide to start the combat.

+ Bag'O'Tricks mind-flayer plot that never was. We decided to not send out a hook and let the PC's come find us. The predictable outcome was that they didn't. We had a hundred coin for a mind-flayer, a shitty wizard, a farmer and an ogre. Better luck next time folks.

+ Cinnamon the Satyr. This was a combination of best, worst, and funniest all rolled in to one. No satyr legs so I was wearing one fur boot cover, a small orc tabard tied to my left leg, and two rabbit furs tied to my belt and upper thigh. I looked like a pimp. Hooking PC's almost immediately was pretty nice too. Grog and Oz were immediately interested, it just took them a while to get organized. In the meantime, I was a Satyr at the inn. So I ate... a lot. Scooped potatoes out of Rich's bowl, ate candy corn, pretzels, a sausage, a couple of pears, a piece of cake, some banana bread, an apple and I think something else. Then McFathom got two sausages and the conversation went something like this:

Cinnamon: "Are you going to eat that one?"

McFathom: "Yes."

Cinnamon: "Can I have it?"

McFathom: "No"

Cinnamon: "Can I have half of it?"

McFathom: "No"

Cinnamon: "Can I have just the tip?"


So after bringing the PC's out to their field of flowers, I peace'd out and then felt incredibly sick from all the garbage I had just stuffed in my face. That ended my night pretty quickly.

+After game bull sessions are always fun including telling new players the old stories.

+Good Golly's fo evah.

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Npc good

Bog lurking with a respawn.

Mr. Good Cat.

Drunk farmers "HARVEST FEST!!!!"


Pc good


Seeing Raines and Errost in the woods, running back into town screaming for a memory loss. My eyes, oh my poor eyes.

Poison Stunning a bag man and magic slaying a bog lurker.

Hunting for two bog lurkers with Blagar and Jacob. Horrible idea.

Sneaking up on a group of orcs with Ambrose, Abel, and Lady T. By far one of the best ambushes ever, not of the npcs new what was happening until it was far too late.

Final undead fight. Everyone was awesome! I got to team up with almost every person in town at some point plus the twin telepathy was fully active. Protecting others while they looted and taking down countless undead as little functional groups. Going from backstabbing with Sylas to Shield walls with Ambrose, Octavius and Cordisous. Actively recruiting our newer towns members while tracking a handful of undead through the woods. Once again that was AWESOME!


The bad.

Was it just me or was there a lot of hard hitting and charging?


Great event everyone, I enjoyed meeting all of the new players. Keep up the hard work.

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I'm not one for the longer style of posts here, but a few highlights:


+ I loved the pacing of this event. I think plot and the GMs got it perfect; it was absolutely wonderful to RP with folks and enjoy the world without freaking out about epic metaplot of d00m hanging over our heads.


+ The fight with Grog. Round one went exactly as expected, and the look on Steve's face when he realized the amount of damage he'd just taken was great. Round two was a slight surprise. I didn't expect him to be able to hold out long enough to actually tire me out. :P Good job man.


+ I have the best squire in the world. :P I love the way she RPs the relationship between commoner and Noble. It makes RPing as a Noble a looooooooot more fun. :D

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The Good:


- Getting to see everyone again.


- We had so many new players at game (You were all wonderful by the way!).


- The Brave Companions and our newest party member Arbor.


- Running Logistics for the first time. Thank you all for your help and patience.


- Logistics was cleaned up and packed away well before noon. I cannot thank you all enough.


There is far more but I just wanted to be sure to thank everyone before I am swamped with work.


The Bad:


- Missing harvest fest.



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The fight with Grog. Round one went exactly as expected, and the look on Steve's face when he realized the amount of damage he'd just taken was great. Round two was a slight surprise. I didn't expect him to be able to hold out long enough to actually tire me out. :P/> Good job man.



ya didn't realize you were a weapon master. but yes that fight was epic. I hate fighting shields.

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I had a great second event. It was a total blast. Some highlights are;




Bag of tricks was pretty epic. Got to be some pretty scary stuff


The bro's plot. Getting to run to the inn and start challenging people to fight me for a silver. Ended up fighting Grog twice.


being the distraction for the gang of thieves. Somehow we became very cockney very fast.


Being the Jedi skeleton during the big undead fight. Those who encountered me will know what I'm talking about.




Taking second place in Grogs bear pit. Seeing a bard place anything in a fighting tournament seemed to take most people by surprise. Ended up with a nice 100 coin pay out.


Jerath's response to him being the one who finally dethroned me in the pit. "Yes! I beat the bard! That doesn't really sound as impressive as it is."


Grog's response to Jerath. "It's because no one thought the bard would actually be good."


The bard off. That was the best thing ever. I really didn't expect so much PC participation. I'm not in the least bit butt hurt that I lost to Vanya. I was shouting her name along with the rest.


Mega bandits.....with magic hammer pants.


The final undead fight was epic. I killed a wraith. That made me feel freaking incredible. I shouldn't say killed. I beat it till it ceased to function and someone else reaped it.

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In no particular order:


+So much food! Thank you to everyone who spent the time to contribute something to the Harvest Festival. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Or, it's my favorite real holiday. Harvest Festival is my favorite fictional holiday.


+Playing hags for a fun little plot with Sandra and Brian.


+Corpse-ing for about an hour and a half because SOMEONE thinks all 1st shift PCs are monsters who would abandon a sparkles stranger after looting her corpse. >.> Seriously, though, I got to witness some great roleplaying.


+Getting to see everyone, in and out of character!


+The affectionate exchange between Ith and Eliana. He's like an elf big brother.


+The funny/awkward exchange between Sidhan and Eliana. He's like an elf strange uncle.


+Reacting to Temperance's pregnancy. Oh, no. Sidhan made it happen somehow.


+Best friends game! Even though we lost.


+Bard competition! Even though I was nap-sitting Baldisere, ya'll sounded great. The PIPES on Lauren!


+RP between Eliana and Baldisere. Keeping things interesting.


+BAM! 150 coin relic for Eliana.


+TEAM WOLF PACK! I am anything but a ninja, but it felt good to be teamed up with Ambrose and Baldisere while we got the jump on distracted NPCs.


+Hags in the inn. "Are you a hag?" "*sly smile*" "Get the fuck out of my inn."


+Epic elemental fight challenge! I loved watching everyone give it a shot!


+Odds Crossing banter.


+Orc fight at the playground. Hilarious, even if I do have a vaguely bench-shaped bruise coloring my thigh.


+Newbies! For so many reasons! Energy, skill, quality of roleplay to start, AND ya'll have actually managed to risk me losing power before convergence for the first time in a while. Also, gave me a reason to unload every potion I haven't managed to use in a year in a half. And you get a potion! And you get a potion! EVERYBODY GETS A POTION!


+Fourth shift undead o'clock! Very well done. The effect from in front of the inn looked like undead were materializing all around out of the dark. So cool!



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I always love seeing all of you. I love you to bits and can't wait for November!


Boy I PC-ed A LOT this weekend.

-Getting to become slowly more useful.


-Chatting a lot with Errost. I see us becoming good friends.


-"Do you happen to have two sparks o--" "HARVEST FEST." "K."


-Lots of silly NPCs in the inn to entertain us. However those accents kept making me slip into those accents which was a tad annoying. I blame Kyle.


-We totally saved a golden cow.


-All of the music! The music this weekend was lovely. I especially love "Pray for Raines" and everyone's favorite "Ferrous Irongall". I also have Krod's little song in my head. I'll be walking around my house singing about drinking and fighting. Confusing for everyone in my house XD.


-Which reminds me, I was so interested when Ditoro came inside and listened whenever Delia sang. It gave such depth to his character that I observed. Really, bravo.


-Michael literally wanting to rip his eyes out. "I saw Raines naked!" "Yeah, I think everyone has seen that at least three times." "HALP."


-The Harvest Fest was so fun. I love having a few calm minutes where characters can just talk to eachother with minimal fear of death. Unless you're Grog or Trissia.


-Talking with Sidhan about my love for the maps I found for Ozell.


-Also, checking up on Akane after she got really upset during Story Time. It was nice to lend an ear to someone in need.


-Meeting a couple new PCs even though most of the time I talked to them for an hour plus and THEN introduced myself. Whoops.


-The best damn potatoes in all of the Freelands.


-Getting hit for the first time and not dropping. Shocked me so much, but I was alive! Crazy!


-Getting people to walk me places because it's Pinedale and I'm always paranoid.


-Thanks everyone for being considerate while on fire. I know I screwed myself over with that character flaw.


-Really trying to work with the modesty thing. Sometimes my hair just does not want to cooperate under that scarf and hat.


-Having a really constructive talk with Narene (or Mr. Tvarus as Baevynn calls him). She's been really alone in her new ability and it really helped to get advice from someone wise. Only cried a tiny bit!


-Remember guys, McFathom is crass and aggressive.


-Being able to enchant Balder's shield a few times. I got the skill to repay him for all the times I dragged corpses to him. Plus, I wanted to start the enchantment tree.


-Enchanting and enhancing armor before going to bed. Being terrified to approach the tent, but then not getting stabbed by things around me and having a nice short little RP with Triss and Scarlet.



I'll do my NPC stuff. Luckily, I got a lot out of it even though I didn't get to play for long.


-Kerrie being super helpful and supportive of all the silly ideas and trying to make them work. A long with throwing out suggestions that helped fill our plot holes. Best Logistics.




-But yeah, I'm happy for those who haven't come with us to get the town stoned before. I'm glad Al's infamous Myconid could come with us even though his leg decided to not work.


-Having so much fun dragging newbies with us to do silly plots. Natasha: "I want pretty wings!" Dan: "I guess we're getting pixies."


-Singing the song about bagmen coming to attack. Thanks to Brian and Ryan who sang along.


-Valley girl spirits. OMG. "You wanna be spirits? Who haven't we fucked with in a while...GOST. Now go!" Judging people's competence by appearance numbers. Refusing help from Terridan and Narene because some spirit told us Octavius was the cutest medium in town. She was right, he was like a solid 9. Sorry to all I annoyed and sexually harassed that heard me out of character, but didn't in character. Not really that sorry XD. Ditoro will never know that a random spirit thinks his butt is an 8.


-Hags! Best plot next to Valley Girl spirits. Getting to dress up all pretty and poison people. Really just being creepy and attempted seductive (which probably didn't work honestly). I made a few friends from poison charming them. Thanks to the innkeepers for playing games so we could get away with pouring people drinks. Almost got to take Sylas home with me just to piss off Scarlet who I could see eying him.


-Remember, It's cold outside.

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Oh God, there was so much, but I will keep it short.


+Harvest fest was Amazing!


+Stuffing my face with ALL the food.


+As an NPC, being the guy who ran in town saying his family was attacked by cazvacks, and when I tried to leave Vanya gave me a hug.


+Being in the various fighters tournaments and lasting a little while.


+Using a bow for the first time and doing so-so with it.


+Story time with Sidhan!


+Going on the walk with Sidhan and others (you know who you are) and being reinforcements to another group.


+++Actually feeling useful as a PC (see above bullet)!


+All the conversations in the Inn.


+The bard competition was awesome and I didn't expect so many people to sing! You all were fantastic!


+Tripping out on spores with Silas and Ronan and dancing around the fire.


+The Boop dancing people!!


+The final undead fight where I got to interact with quite a few people I haven't had the chance to yet. Also the Synergy that everyone had with one another. That was sick!


+++++++Emily finding the coin I lost during the undead fight. There is no understating how happy that made me.



I just can't wait for next event.

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My turn, I suppose; This was such a great event, and I had so much fun.


NPC goodness:


-The Hag plot with Amanda & Brian... Who knew having warts plastered to your face would be so much fun??


-Being a stealthy skeleton, and actually managing to hit a few PCs before falling to the ground like the sack of bones I was.


-PIXIES. I want to be Pepper the Pixie for the rest of my life - I had so much fun with that.


PC goodness:


-Introducing myself as a seller/producer of goodies - even if the cider was to my Mistress' credit, it was still nice to get the tips!


-Interacting with Trissia is always exciting - I really enjoy roleplaying the intricacies of our relationship. In many ways, I am her inferior, but we still have a budding friendship. Stoked about this.


-Becoming slightly more valuable in the Brotherhood - not feeling like a giant idiot all game.


-Vanya kicking my behind in the bard off (you go girl!). Akken still being my number one fan. :)


-Looting Sylas at command. Best.


-Scarlett getting intoxicated for the first time. Thanks, Vincent!


-Getting to help a blunted Ambrose, and the subsequently hang out with him for a while-- that was probably Scarlett's favorite thing all day. Sneaky sneaky.


-Almost fighting a bitch when the hags were in the Inn, & being first suspicious of the third sister and her pouch before Eliana demanded her out...


-The last Undead fight of the night -- so well crafted, and fun to fight in. highlight, for sure.




I could say so much more, but I'm a bit knackered.

This was a brilliant game, and I'm waiting on baited breath for November!

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*I love seeing all of the PCs during harvest festival. I hope everyone had fun.


*Playing Blagat first shift was pretty uneventful thanks to Errost and Shang Liao. It was like a well oiled machine that ran on Beer and shananigans.


*Watching Errost grow as a character. I have the best apprentice ever. I never got around to asking if you broke my record.


*Whenever someone cast a spell from an item Blagar made, "That spell was provided by Lightwing productions."


*Mastering Ornamenting. Finally!


*RIONA!!!!!!¡ Holycow Tammy I missed you. It was great to see you. I look forward to the scolding I will be receiving. smile.gif


*Ritual of Nature's Harmony!


*It was nice throwing coin around this event. My only hope is that I came out in the green. We shall see.


*Ambrose, it waa great seeing him again. I really missed my Oddfellows.


*Blagar realized just how many friends he had this event. A lot of people helped him out and he mau have made a few new allies. He is still paraniod but maybe he can start to sleep at night.


*Fighting with the brotherhood. Another well oiled machine.


*Its been far to long since I got into any trouble with Michael. You haven't lost your step bud.


*Having to put copper in my shoe. Have not done that in a long time.


* All of the RP


*The little things make a big difference.


*Vany'a and Blagar's love/hate relationship, "Blagar I consider you are a friend, I just don't like you" .... blink.gif


*It has been decided Blagar needs blue pants. smile.gif


*It has also been decided Blagat is going to become a healer.

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While I can say that this was not one of my favorite events, it was not without its share of good times.


The Good, in no particular order:

+TAMMYTAMMYTAMMYTAMMYTAMMY! Missed you! Also, seeing Chris again, whose hair I think is now longer than mine? 0.o

+Watching the satyr eating and bleating his way around the Inn, taking food right out of my bowl. That was epic.

+sooo much good food during the harvest festival. Marinated deer, deer stew, pumpkin roll, and Molly's cider which had the unfortunate side effect of attracting "baby buzzers" but was otherwise delicious.

+Grog's Bear Pit tournament was won by the Beerman, the Bard came in second.

+The bard-off. You were all great and your songs were awesome. Al's song was well worth the 10 coin I paid for his entry.

+Eliana "SHANG LIAO! HELP! My tankard is empty!"

+Wandering town while heavily intoxicated during the festival. "You alright?" "Seriously, are you ok man?"

+The duelling plot on Friday night was awesome. I was glad that Grog and Krod didn't hog all the action.

+Some serious roleplay with Daitoro after he lost his spark. Dude, you are intense and I love you for it.

+Listening to Daitoro argue with Richard about the Terran Treaty.

+CRONKINOLE! Shut The box! Shang Liao has had little to no interest in Terridan's games up to this point, But methinks that has just changed.

+Gambling and RP'ing with the Playboys is always, always a good time.

+Getting to watch the Friend game. Much funnies.

+RP with McFathom, Eliana, and Ith. Last month, Ith told of us of his plan to "chop of Eliana's hand and leylines out of the dungeon if things went bad." This month, he told her what he was going to do, and she was just as horrified as we were. Creepy elf is creeepy.

+Dance the dance of your peeeeeoples!

+The "Mindflayer that never was" plot. Only Eliana suspected that we were really bandits.

+Being my NPC farmer, eating stew with Ambrose and Dano, having an unexpected RP conversation about the mutually beneficial relationship between heroes and farmers.


Not wearing my armor this game was both a blessing and a curse. It made me alot squishier, but much more free to move and didn't leave me exhausted


The Not-so-good:

-Tons of eating second shift, tons of gruelling NPCing third shift, made fourth shift suck. I felt mostly miserable.

-The weather. Hot, sticky, humid, yuck.

-Waiting in anticipation for the end-of-game undead horde, only to get injured (yet again) and miss the entire fight.

-Getting together with my new adventuring group for the first time, only to feel like I'm not really part of an adventuring group. Except when I'm on babysitting duty. That's not what I signed on for, I thought I had made that clear. Here's to hoping that this improves next month.

-Pat Lane took a nap on a bench in front of the fire Saturday night. From the angle of where I was sitting in the Inn, it looked like he faceplanted into the fire. Scared the crap out of me.

-An awkward moment during my business transaction with Ivan. Hopefully the free beer smoothed things over.

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~Seeing all the people again will always top my list.

~All the food! I certainly had more sweets than I should have. Was late to my NPC shift on account of feeling a bit ill.

~After LARP at Good Golly's. I love this time because I get to hear stories I may not otherwise.

~Logistics clean up. HOLY CRAP people are amazing!

~"Ooooo... you have a Master's staff? Can I examine it?" "No offense, but I don't know you so no. No way in Novitas. You may look at it. From a safe distance away."

~Being asked to go on a mission and saying I would if Vincent went. Found out after game that when the PC that asked me asked him he said he would only if I went. Amused me.

~Working on the treaty. Richard did all the hard part of the work. I just added the fluff touches at the end. But it was fun deciding what combo of seals and wax would best fit the nations involved.

~Related - the nervousness I had over spelling someones name or title wrong.



My WTF was the freaking wasps that wouldn't let me alone. One followed me around. The next tangled itself in my hair and Jordan had to kill it to get it out. The third actually stung me (and my arm is still swollen and painfull >.< ). Got followed around by yet another for a while. Sunday, after getting cleaned up at home I had to run to the store for stuff for dinner. Went to get out of the car and there was ANOTHER freaking wasp on my leg looking as if it was about to sting me.

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I had... SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!




~Blagar sucks at being on time, but that's nothing new. And I found out that apparently I'm one of the few that can speak Blagar-ese/jibberish

~Meeting the Playboys. You guys were hilarious, I had so much fun hanging out. Also, its so hard for me to not put on the pretty jewelry and wear it around

~Talking so much with Baevyn. Budding friendships are the best

~Raines and I melting Michael's eyes. I couldn't stop laughing for a solid 5 minutes... I'm only kinda sorry tongue.gif

~CLOUD CAKE!!!!!! It was so good!! I couldn't even wait for a bowl, but it was so worth it. That's the world's best sugar rush right there

~Getting a sword from Raines.... I finally have a weapon now

~Meeting Jake, we have similar views about so many things

~Unfortunately I ended up not feeling good, so I went to bed around convergence. At least I got to see the epic Bard Off!!! Everyone was great, but I was especially happy to see Vanya win




~Being a ghost was probably one of my favorite things ever. Nothing like sarcastically insulting and harassing someone who has to pretend not to hear me :) Sorry brother-in-law

~Cancelled zombie, say what? At least I got to hear Zach's Patrick Warburton impression. Amazing, if you've never heard it by the way.


So yea, that was pretty much it. I had a quiet event, but it was an absolute blast! I love getting to break out of my shell and start talking to people more. My character still has a lot of growing (and maturing) ahead of her. But hey, that's half the battle and the fun :) I can't wait to see everyone in November!!!

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