Choosing Appropriate Garb

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Choosing Appropriate Garb

In order to be the most immersive game possible it is important that players wear appropriate garb to maintain the proper atmosphere. It is a requirement that players who are in-game be wearing appropriate garb at all times. Players can and often should have pieces of garb reviewed by members of the props and atmosphere staff to determine if they are appropriate for the game.

As this is a fantasy game with no specific historical time period to draw on, there is a variety of acceptable garb. Often accurate garb is a matter of making sure certain modern features are not present.

The most basic set of garb a brand new player should bring to game is a tunic and black sweatpants or scrubs. This gives them something to wear under NPC garb that won't clash. After about a year of coming to game, you should have your own NPC garb to work with. Players will need additional different garb to wear for a player character.

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Non-Player Characters

A non-player character or npc is any character that is not a player character. These characters are sent out from logistics by game masters, such as townsfolk, bandits, and monsters.

During a shift various marshals will organize all players who are NPCing from logistics. NPCs will be given roles to play from the game master (GM) working that shift. A NPC will put on costuming based on that role, they will get make-up as needed, and be given loot that PCs might take or earn from them if appropriate. Generally each plot will have a Lead NPC to organize it and answer any questions a NPC might have when out in play.

You may not use any of your player character's garb or other possessions while working as a npc. This could create a situation where you have lootable items that shouldn't be looted, and this should never happen. You also want your player character's garb to be easily recognizable as that belonging to that character.

When you are working as a non-player character you are allowed (and encouraged) to have a tote of your own NPC garb stashed in logistics. When you are done you should be sure to remove your stash immediately. After a player has been part of the game long enough (around a year) it is expected that they start bringing some amount of npc garb with them to improve their costuming options. Weapon props are especially important for the well prepared non-player character to bring.

While you are working as a npc you are expected to do any reasonable task asked of you by the game master, failure to do so could result in you not earning experience for the shift. Always make sure before you leave logistics that you have any required costuming or make up for the character you are playing.

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Clothing Props

Few things can ruin the atmosphere of the game more than players with bad costumes, usually referred to as “garb”.

Sneakers, T-shirts, or jarringly modern clothes, such as camouflage fatigues, can completely destroy the suspension of disbelief the game tries to create.

KoN is a fantasy game, and not set in a specific historical period so the variety of acceptable garb is wide. Players portraying non-human characters are encouraged to flavor their garb with fantasy elements.

Garb guidelines:

  • The real world time period Novitas samples for historical garb ends roughly around 1500 AD.
  • Civen characters should draw influence from the Roman Empire between 27 BCE – 610 CE.
  • Vleanoan and Evenandran characters should draw influence from medieval western Europe between 1066 – 1500
  • Great Forest and Dellin Tribelands characters should draw influence from central and northern Europe between the prehistoric era – 106 CE
  • Free Lands characters wear anything found in any other kingdom.
  • Gershen characters draw influence from China between 1500 BCE – 1644 CE or Japan between 250 BCE – 186 CE
  • Terran characters should draw influence between 610 CE – 1066 CE the "dark ages" of European history.

Garb should NEVER contain:

  • Fluorescent or day-glow colors
  • Modern military clothing in cut or pattern
  • Camouflage patterns in any form
  • Printed bandannas
  • Sneakers in any form or color
  • Modern hats
  • Visible zippers (Zippers on the insides of boots are acceptable if not obvious)
  • Cargo pockets on pants
  • Visible white socks
  • Exposed modern webbing or straps
  • Clothing of obviously modern cut or materials
  • Nylon or zippered backpacks or satchels
  • Clearly mundane prints or logos

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